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Badass Motorcycle Art with Tukipaintsit

If you’re into amazing helmet art, then there’s another artist you check out! Take a look at Tukipaintsit on Instagram. Here you’ll find a collection of work belonging to talented artist, Travis Hess.

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at these awesome designs is an incredible use of color. The combinations of colors used and the vibrancy of the colors themselves are sure to make you stand out from the pack when you’re riding down the road in one of these originals.

Want to see more? Look no further! We’ve assembled just a few of our favorite featured helmets and shared them below. What do you think?

There’s also quite a bit of range involved with the various designs. This artist includes offerings for not only men, but women also. However, whichever you choose, your helmet is sure to be a focal point and topic of discussion among your inner circle.

And let’s not forget that motorcycle helmets are not the only medium within which this artist can display his work. The Instagram profile also features sign designs and impressive bike and car art.

Don’t just take our word for it! Head over to Instagram and check out the profile of Tukipaintsit!