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Aldi sale claims more safety and women’s jacket

Aldi annual sale - Riders urged to support motorcycle dealers claims

Aldi’s annual motorcycle gear sale next weekend (August 18, 2018) claims accredited safety gear, the first leather jacket for women and an Australian-approved helmet for just $79.99.

Each year the sale is so popular, riders line up outside hours before and many products are sold out within minutes.

Fans of Aldi gear say it is good quality, reliable and long-lasting, while critics reckon cheap gear cannot possibly be good quality.

So who is right?

(Before going any further, we have to declare that Aldi has NOT paid Motorbike Writer for this article, nor offered any other inducements.)

Ticks for Aldi sale

Aldi motorcycle gear annual sale claims
MBW tests Aldi motorcycle gear

Crosses for Aldi sale

2018 Aldi motorcycle gear claims safety

Aldi sale promises safety and women’s gear claims
Women’s leather jacket

This year’s sale includes a leather jacket for women in sizes small to XL. However, the rest of the gear is in men’s sizes.

Other gear includes the usual boots, gloves, Bluetooth units, balaclavas, face masks, neck warps, base and mid layers, bike cover, and their famed socks in men’s sizes 6-10 or 11-14.

The line-up also includes a return of the race stand and folding motorcycle ramp.

Aldi buying spokeswoman Renata Hay claims they have spent “considerable time” on product development, sourcing and testing.

She claims their leather jackets and gloves are among the first products compliant with the new European Personal Protective Equipment Regulation 2016/425 safety certification that came into effect on 21 April 2018.

The EN13595 certified jackets and EN13594 certified gloves are tested for impact abrasion resistance, seam burst strength and impact cut resistance.

Aldi sale promises safety and women’s gear claims
Men’s leather jacket

Aldi points out that many manufacturers refer to EN1621 certification, but it is only for armour such as back, knee or shoulder protectors and does not cover the material. They say their gear us fully certified to EN1261.

“Testing on these products is certified by SATRA and for the 2018 offering, these products are now also EU certified to the new PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Regulation,” Aldi says.

“Consequently, our leather jacket is approved to the highest standard (EN 13595 Level 2), our leather gloves to EN13594, as well as the latest PPE legislation.”

Aldi helmets

Aldi sale promises safety and women’s gear claims
Full-face helmet

Aldi full face and open-face helmets are tested to the Australian standard AS/NZS 1698:2006 and certified by SAI Global with the “5tick” label.

The helmets are made with a lightweight ABS shell and include washable and removable cheek pads.

Aldi sale promises safety and women’s gear claims
Open-face helmet

The open-face helmet has a detachable peak and the full face helmet has an internal sun visor and adjustable multi-way air vents on the top and front.

Renata claims their motorcycle jeans are reinforced with “high tenacity aramid fibre at critical areas like the seat, hips and knees” and fitted with CE EN1621 certified knee protectors.

The range includes:

  • Torque Ladies Motorcycle Leather Jacket S-XL $169
  • Torque Mens Motorcycle Leather Jacket S-XXL $169
  • Torque Motorcycle Helmet Full Face S-XL $79.99
  • Torque Motorcycle Helmet Open Face S-XL $49.99
  • Torque Motorcycle Denim Men’s Jeans S-XXL $69.99
    Aldi sale promises safety and women’s gear claims
  • Torque Motorcycle Leather Gloves $29.99
  • Torque Motorcycle Boot $79.99
  • Torque Motorcycle Merino Men’s Midlayer S-XXL$39.99
  • Torque Motorcycle Men’s Base Layer top or bottom S-XXL $19.99
  • Torque Motorcycle Race Stand $49.99
  • Torque Motorcycle Folding Single Ramp $79.99
  • Cocoon Motorcycle Bluetooth Kit $59.99
    Aldi sale promises safety and women’s gear claims
    Bluetooth unit

All Aldi motorbike products will be located in the middle aisle of each store while stocks last.

  1. Interesting how the UK did not get its usual Aldi moto gear sale earlier this year.

  2. Paddock Stand is crap, too bendy even with a light bike, helmet and boots are fine but jacket sizes are all over the place

  3. Prof Liz de Rome is the only safety researcher I’ve seen who knows what she’s talking about.

    Aldi’s motorcycle gear sale is hopeless. Anything you want is sold out before 10am, yet they have tons of useless gear that hangs around for weeks – wrong size, will only fit gorillas or midgets or just useless.
    Think their stock ordering is done by a deranged computer program.

  4. Haven’t tried the paddock stand, but the jeans are the best I’ve had and I have tried Draggin, RJays and Bullit

    1. Totally agree, the jeans are excellent and have well and truly outlasted my draggin jeans. And for those wondering, aramid is the material, kevlar is a brand name for aramid.

  5. The socks are the only good thing out of the Aldi sale. The Bluetooth units just don’t last and you can Ebay the same for same or at a cheaper price.

    Overall I wouldn’t waste my time and would rather give my business to the retailers that look after me service and price wise…

  6. The rear stand is useless buy an anderson stand ; your bike will love you .The gloves are good; boots useless;jacket and pants are sort of OK . Have not tried the helmets but the socks are excellent .Their gear quality seems all over the place.

  7. Why would you say its hopeless if its sold out by 10am? Sounds like a resounding success to me!

  8. I bought the jeans a couple of years ago & they are great (apart from the acid holes!) I will buy some more this time. They have a lot of padding and are great in winter and not too bad in summer. I had to take the knee inserts out as they are uncomfortable when off the bike.

  9. All good gear, I’ve been wearing it for yonks, its value for money and I have never had a problem getting what I want, If one store doesn’t have it another does.

  10. Motorcycle stands are a little flexy but do the job and my Father has their leather jackets and it’s really nice quality, wish they had them in my “fat bastard” size. The balaclava looks good and i might try the socks.

    If you can’t find what you’re after at your local store, go to a more obscure location, people usually report them having the good items days after the sale has started.

  11. Some of the gear is good quality. I have jeans which have lasted 4 years and are still good. But the jackets and gloves are useless in our climate, especially Qld. Ok for the Swiss Alps in winter but way too heavy for our summers.

  12. Went down the road wearing Aldi jacket and impressed with result. First helmet I’ve owned where the ventilation actually worked.

  13. Wife went to 2 Aldi stores both before 9am Sat & niether had any size small men’s jeans, the most popular item & guaranteed to sell a ton – if they had it. Third year running this’s happened, & heaps of other people are unhappy as well.
    Perhaps Aldi buying spokeswoman Renata Hay shoud look into this.

    This isn’t a sale of old stock, it’s a pre-planned event which Aldi had 12 months to prepare for, yet they don’t have the product they advertise less than an hour after the store opens. Year after year.
    Why don’t Aldi have the stock they have advertised? Advertising product you don’t have as a means to get people into a store only produces cranky customers.

    I’ve heard some people can buy items after the store closes the night before, is this true?

    Aldi gear is good value but that’s useless if they don’t have it.

  14. Aldi leather pants saved me from a high speed fall onto road in NT. No road rash – so glad to be wearing all leathers to avoid skid abrasion from high speed log rolling as it was not a nice experience. Didn’t walk away, broken leg/wrist/neck but would not have survived the trauma if not wearing leathers. 100% sure of that. And it was a 33C sunny day too, so it takes an effort to wear ATGATT. Aldi pants and boots were still very tough to get cut off with scissors roadside I remember.
    I will buy these Aldi leather pants again if they come up in the next sale

  15. I have had the jeans, jumper, rain suit and gloves for three years now. I wear the jumpers almost daily to work and they look professional enough. Jeans are great in summer! And the gloves have required some stitching on one of the Velcro fasteners, but other than that work well and are really comfortable. The rain suits were used for a trip to the South of Chile, and did stop the rain for a while, but after a few hours they either let water in, or started collecting condensation, as they’re not breathable.

  16. An acquaintance of mine who does production programming in the clothing industry has told me that the Torque leather jacket is the exact product from the same manufacturer that Ixon sell as their Torque jacket, which generally retails for more than $500.00 AUD.

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