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Ricky Carmichael, motocross legend, speaking at the 2022 AIMExpo educational platform, DISRUPTIVE THINKING

An Educational Platform Hell-Bent on Revolutionizing the PowerSports Industry

Of all of the action to be had at AIMExpo, I was most excited about their DISRUPTIVE THINKING platform. The places that you can go and rekindle your passion for business numbers and company success in the Powersports industry are precious few – but that’s exactly how AIMExpo means to contribute to our present community, as well as the waves of newer riders entering the Powersport sphere that will eventually alter our industry as we know it. 

Among the keynote speakers that have been tearing up the mic are Motocross legend and all-around racing talent Ricky Carmichael – a man known for his balls-to-the-wall attitude when it comes to performance mentality. 

Ricky Carmichael, motocross legend, speaking at the 2022 AIMExpo educational platform, DISRUPTIVE THINKING

Source: AIMExpo (Social media)

Despite his almost inhuman successes in the Powersports industry (buckets of off-road racing records, factory rider for Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki, five-time AMA Supercross champion and 10-time AMA Motocross champion), Carmichael has no bones about setting priorities properly to succeed. Those priorities include “shared stories about growing up as a young racer, working hard to honor his supportive parents, and what it takes to have the mind of a champion.”

“It was always: Give it 100 percent,” Carmichael said. 

“And being honest with yourself. And never giving up.”

A view of Mañana no Mas, present in a booth at the 2022 AIMExpo

Source: Manana no Mas (Social Media)

We’re told by an AIMExpo press release that the GOAT of motocross has recently joined the Triumph family as a brand ambassador and also as a bike tester for future models – all of this on top of his passion for speaking and his schedule as a TV commentator for the AMA Supercross series. 

Here’s a list of further people and topics the platform has hosted, along with today’s final schedule:


Ricky Carmichael, motocross legend, speaking at the 2022 AIMExpo educational platform, DISRUPTIVE THINKING

Source: Motorcycle & Powersports News


‘Last Year Was Great, This Year Could Be Legendary’

“A panel discussion with industry experts Tony Gonzalez, Garage Composites; Pat Kennedy, Spader Group; Gart Sutton, GSA.”

‘Electrification of Powersports’

“The experts that are leading the charge to electrify the Powersports industry

Presenters will include Marc McAllister, president & CEO of Tucker Powersports; an e-motorcycle manufacturer; as well as other key influencers in the e-moto segment.”

Source: Re-Cycle (Social media)


‘Managing by Metrics Rather Than by Emotions’

“We often make decisions based on our ‘seat of the pants’ feel. Let’s start using data to make better, more effective, and more profitable decisions.” – Tony Gonzalez, Garage Composites.

‘Pandemic Problems – How to Thrive, Not Just Survive’

“Inventory shortages, employee issues, and evolving consumer expectations are major threats today. Learn how to not just survive, but thrive through the pandemic problems facing dealerships today. Successful dealership operators will share their secrets for attacking these challenges head-on.” – Jared Burt, HERO HUB; additional panelists to be announced.

‘Winning the War for Talent’

“Throw out your job descriptions and old pay plans. The world of work has changed; how to interview, hire, retain and motivate today’s younger workforce.” – Mark Rodgers, Rodgers Performance Consulting.

‘Cultivating a Community of New Riders’

“Does the proficient execution of your dealership sales process have unintended consequences that are holding you back your dealership?…Hear proven strategies of successful dealership operators to build a massive loyal riding community.”

A view of Tony Gonzalez from Garage Composites talking at the 2022 AIMExpo educational platform, DISRUPTIVE THINKING

Source: Garage Composites (Social Media)

FRIDAY (Today)

‘Digital Lead Generation & Follow Up: Why Would I Give My Information To You? (How to Follow Up and Not Be a Jack@$$)’

“Proven techniques to acquire, nurture, and grow digital leads and convert them to buying customers.” – Mark Rodgers, Rodgers Performance Consulting.

A view of the 2022 AIMExpo, with booths ready and available to the eager masses

Source: Power & Play Motorsports

We hope to get more of our people over there for the fun next year; in the meantime, drop a comment letting us know if you made it and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*Title media sourced from AIMExpo’s press release*