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A Peek into the Future From AIMExpo’s New DISRUPTIVE THINKING Education Platform

A view of AIMExpo's events in anticipation of 2022 AIMExpo

Predictions from Experts in the Powersports Industry: Getting Over The COVID Hump

This year has been a wonky one. 

From the multiple lockdowns, to skyrocketing prices for the Powersports industry, to material shortages and many brands capitalising on the economic advantage to expand (others, to simply survive and adapt)…the future is no longer a straight line, and when it comes to 2022, the next move can feel a little unsteady. 

Because of this, 2022’s AIMExpo is bringing a podium of seasoned professionals to the new DISRUPTIVE THINKING educational platform with their own predictions of what is in store for our two-wheeled future. 

A view of AIMExpo's events in anticipation of 2022 AIMExpo

AIMExpo’s press release tells us that “experts include Garage Composites inimitable CEO Tony Gonzalez; from the highly respected Spader group, the talented Pat Kennedy; and anchoring the group, fourth-generation retailer Gart Sutton with over 42 years of Powersports experience,” with, “longtime Harley-Davidson industry consultant and award-winning Dealernews columnist Mark Rodgers” moderating the panel. 

“If you would have asked me last year if we would ever see this group together on one stage, I would have said ‘no way,’” Rodgers says. 

“But AIMExpo has pulled it off. Now, dealers will be exposed to profit-exploding insights like talent acquisition, digital retailing, navigating inventory challenges, and of course, thriving in a post-COVID world … from the best in the business.”

A view of AIMExpo's events in anticipation of 2022 AIMExpo

“What’s important to understand is these guys lead the top 20 Powersports groups in the nation. If there’s a Powersports dealership issue, these guys have seen it and know how to deal with it. And most importantly, their insights are data-driven, so their insights are provable.”

“There may never again be this sort of concentrated industry brainpower assembled. For AIMExpo attendees, this may be the most important 90 minutes of your year.”

A view of AIMExpo's events in anticipation of 2022 AIMExpo

To register to attend and learn more about the Powersports industry’s premier tradeshow, go to AIMExpo’s official website and be sure to register. Be sure to also hit up their website for a detailed breakdown of the event schedule, as well as what else the Expo will be offering to attendees. 

Drop a comment letting us know what you think, we’re getting the vibe that there willl be tons to learn from for this year’s lineup.

Stay tuned, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from AIMExpo’s official website*