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2022 KTM 390 Adventure [Specs, Features, Photos]

2022 KTM 390 Adventure

The 2022 KTM 390 Adventure Offers More Free-Roaming Spirit Within Reach

KTM enters the medium-displacement segment with the addition of 390 Adventure to its 2022 lineup, maintaining its offroad DNA but making it accessible to those riders looking to start in this segment.

At first glance, you can’t deny the 390 Adventure’s origins since it follows the aesthetic line of its older sister, the 790 Adventure. It offers the usual trail-style driving position, with ergonomics that seek versatility for day-to-day use and the occasional off-road trip.

The 390 Adventure features the latest generation of the 373 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with its 43 power hp and 27 lb.-ft. of torque. However, one of the most critical updates this European bike received are the Street and Off-road traction lean-angle sensitive control modes, the latter offering some rear-wheel slip to further facilitate the use of the motorcycle off the asphalt or on wet surfaces.

This broadens the horizons of the use of this trail-style A2 bike. In addition, the bike features dual-channel Bosch angle-sensitive ABS and more robust, resistant wheels for more demanding riding.

The chassis offers flexibility, stability, control, and straight-line handling. The trellis subframe is removable with four bolts and relies on WP Apex suspension, ByBre brakes, and Continental TKC 70 tires.

The 2022 KTM 390 Adventure starts at $6,599 USD / $7,499 CAD.

On this page: we’ve curated specs, features, news, photos/videos, etc. so you can read up on the new 2022 KTM 390 Adventure in one place.


2022 KTM 390 Adventure

Model Overview

General Info

  • Price: $6,599 USD / $7,499 CAD.
  • Key Features:
    • 43 hp & 37 Nm of torque liquid cooled engine
    • Lean-angle sensitive ABS & Traction control
    • WP APEX adjustable suspension
    • BYBRE brakes with dual channel ABS

Main Specs

  • Engine: 373 cc single-cylinder
  • Power: 43 hp (32 kW) at 9,500 rpm
  • Torque: 27 lb-ft (37 Nm) at 7,000 rpm
  • Wet Weight:  342 lbs (155 kg)
  • Seat Height: 33.6 in. (855 mm)


2022 KTM 390 Adventure

2022 KTM 390 Adventure Specifications

From KTM


Engine 373cc, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Power 43 hp
Bore x Stroke 89 mm X 60 mm
EMS Bosch EMS with RBW
Power in KW 32 kW
Starter Electric starter


Clutch PASC™ antihopping clutch, mechanically operated
Transmission 6-speed
Chain 520 X-Ring


Suspension Front WP APEX 43
Suspension Rear WP APEX – Monoshock
Brakes Front
Brakes Rear 230 mm
Tank capacity (approx.)
Color Black, Orange


Spark Plugs
Headlight LED
Tail Light LED



2022 KTM 390 Adventure

2022 KTM 390 Adventure Features


A state-of-the-art, liquid cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke 373 cc engine powers this agile machine perfectly into KTM’s world of ADVENTURE. Twin overhead camshafts, four valves and electronic fuel injection are integral to the KTM 390 ADVENTURE’s outstanding power and together with a balancer shaft, deliver the highest levels of smoothness. Its lightweight and compact construction facilitates straight air intake channels, allowing for a shortened distance for air to flow into the combustion chamber, and beyond for gas flow to the two catalytic converters. Besides the faster movement of air and gases, this also allows the engine to warm up faster. Additionally, the two catalytic converters and the fuel tank ventilation system (EVAP system) improve emission values and prevent fuel vapors from being released into the environment, making the KTM 390 ADVENTURE extremely eco-friendly and compliant with the strict EU5 exhaust emission standards.

Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch is a unique feature that saves power and helps in slides. It opens when the engine back-torque becomes too high, preventing annoying rear wheel chatter when braking sharply or decelerating and gives the wheel just that little bit of braking for a controlled rear wheel slide. It also closes with the force of the clutch springs when the throttle is opened, allowing the clutch to be pulled with the little finger, which saves energy when riding.


The 89 mm bore piston is DLC coated for extra durability. It performs a stroke of 60 mm, which results in a displacement of 373.2 ccm and produces a compression ratio of 12.6:1. The crown is cooled by the oil spray nozzle, while the piston uses a continuous, low-friction, nicasil-coated aluminum wet bushing with open-deck design.


Similar to the race proven frame of the KTM 450 RALLY, the KTM 390 ADVENTURE features an ultra-lightweight, yet extremely stable trellis frame. It exceeds all requirements for stability and controllability and is the backbone of this nimble adventurer. The forgiving balance of flex and stiffness, combined with a wheelbase of 1,430 (+/-15.5 mm) and a 26.5 degree steering head angle, clearly suggest an offroad oriented layout. It is also the basis of its outstanding straight-line stability and precise and agile steering behavior.

Cylinder head

State-of-the-art DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) technology. The four valves in the cylinder head of the KTM 390 ADVENTURE are actuated, via durable finger followers, by two overhead camshafts. This design is one of the preferred performance solutions of many offroad models, including the successful KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE. It is not only renowned for its extreme reliability, but also offers low friction, thanks to the ultra-hard DLC coating on the finger levers – a solution that makes this engine super reliable, even when pushing for longer at high RPM.


The KTM 390 ADVENTURE is fitted with a robust 6-speed sequential gearbox. The gear ratios fit perfectly to the power band of the 390 cc engine and allow you to smoothly select the perfect gear, whether it be flowing street rides or more challenging offroad escapes.


The die-cast, open-lattice swingarm is a signature element of the KTM ADVENTURE range. It is precisely manufactured with an optimized stiffness, while still offering excellent flex characteristics. The rear shock links directly onto the swingarm, reducing complexity and parts, while also enhancing the feeling of the bike’s behavior for the rider. The relatively long swingarm provides enough space for any suitable offroad tire.


Full control at your fingertips, thanks to a tapered aluminum handlebar that is perfectly fit for purpose. Not only do the bars provide the ideal riding position when seated or standing, it also provides the perch for the TFT menu switchgear which can be customized to personal preferences. For instance, riders can set their ABS and MTC settings to be easily accessed for quick toggling when the tarmac suddenly runs out.


As minimal as possible and as much as needed. The KTM 390 ADVENTURE features a distinctive KTM-style bodywork, providing excellent ergonomics and an aggressive look inspired by the rally bikes. Ready for adventure, the bodywork is produced in color to help keep its appearance looking fresh, even after scratching. The tank spoilers and rear side panels are slightly wider than the seat for good control and also to reduce wear and tear on the seat. The shape of the fuel tank is optimized to offer the rider freedom of movement and the best control. The headlight mask is as reduced as possible, taking design cues from KTM’s rally bike generation to create a slim, lightweight front end. A low front fender assists with good aerodynamics and keeps spray to a minimum when travelling on the road, while a robust engine guard protects the engine and exhaust when venturing off the road into the dirt.

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