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2021 KTM 125 Duke Launches in India

Small and Stylish

KTM’s smallest Duke comes to India with the 2021 model bringing some updates.

Styled after it’s bigger brothers – the 1290 and 390 – the 125 makes a splash into the 2021 model year with an entire visual overhaul of the exterior of the mororcycle, making it truely look like the little brother of the 390. The same body panels and exposed frame make it’s way to this model, as well as a steel fuel tank to replace last years plastic alternitive in addition to the borrowed headlight assembely.

This motorcycle comes with a 124cc single cylinder thumper that will produce approximatly 14 horsepower. For many riders, this small displacement paired with the tiny horsepower numbers may not satisfy their thirst for fast bikes, but keep in mind that India has a massive market for small displacement motorcycles due to the average household income paired with the population density and speed of major roadways.

The new 125 Duke will be available for Indian buyers very soon, but an extact date has yet to be announced. Some sources are reporting this small displacement KTM could already be on it’s way to dealerships. Pricing will be approcimatly Rs 1.50 lakh, a sizable Rs 7000 bump from last years model; but it’s for good reason when taking into account the updates KTM has brought to this model year.