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KTM Could Come Out With a 1290 Super Duke RR

A Rumor Worth Spreading

There’s plenty of rumors out there about motorcycles and motorcycle companies. Some are more interesting than others. This rumor about KTM coming out with a 1290 Super Duke RR soon is pretty exciting. 

Even more exciting is the fact that it seems plausible for a couple of reasons. First, KTM already has a killer bike in the 1290 Super Duke R, so upgrading that machine to become the 1290 Super Duke RR wouldn’t be terribly difficult. Second, according to Motociclismo, this rumor originally came from within the company and not some random publication with a hunch.

The rumor is that the company will put out the RR version of the bike in 2021, which would likely mean that it would be revealed here in the next month or so. However, with COVID-19 putting a damper on pretty much everything, that could be pushed out a bit. 

It doesn’t really matter when the 1290 Super Duke RR comes out. The motorcycle will be a hit because it should be awesome. Well, it will be a hit if it lives up to what folks are hoping it will be. What I and others are expecting is plenty of carbon fiber bodywork and a general diet for the 1290 Super Duke R. On top of that, a new exhaust and some upgraded suspension would do the deed nicely.

It’s unclear if KTM is actually planning to launch this machine soon, but I’ll keep an eye out for teasers, spy shots, and a reveal.