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2021 Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Is Official

Honda CT125 Hunter Cub

A Cub for the Trails

I’ve reported on the 2021 Honda CT125 that has been in the works a few times now. Honda made the bike official. The motorcycle gets a new name, too. It’s called the CT125 Hunter Cub. It has only been announced for the Japanese market at this time, but I would suspect it will go global soon.

Honda’s new CT125 was supposed to make its official debut at the Osaka Motorcycle Show, but that didn’t happen due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The motorcycle will be instead showcased in a virtual motorcycle show on March 27th. 

As far as what you’re getting in this bike, it’s essentially the Super Cub that Honda sells but reworked for off-road use. It offers 4.3 inches of travel, which is up over the Super Cub’s 3.5 inches of suspension travel. The motorcycle also gets a scrambler-style exhaust and some protection for the horizontally oriented engine.

Honda CT125 Hunter Cub

Speaking of the engine, it’s a 124cc single with a centrifugal clutch and a semi-automatic gearbox. It’s all pretty much the same as the Super Cub, but the CT125 gets a different air intake. Honda said the engine makes 8.7 hp and 8.1 lb-ft of torque. The motorcycle gets disc brakes upfront and in the rear. The entire bike weighs just 265 pounds. The price is 440,000 yen (US$3952). I expect that once Honda brings the CT125 to the States that it will come in around the $4,000 mark.

    1. Gil, we didn’t get the Super Cub or the Monkey, so I doubt we will get this one. But we can always hope.

      1. We did indeed get the Super Cub, but it was a limited run for the 2019 model. The 2020+ models are widely available now. The Monkey has also been here for a while. 2020 Models now have blue and red, 2018 and 2019 were yellow and red to choose from.

  1. If this comes to the USA, I will definitely be buying one. I used to have an old 1973 Trail 90 growing up and I loved that thing and I’ll probably use this one to commute to work. Hopefully they keep it under $4000 though. I’ll give it a year or two and if it doesn’t show up I guess i’ll just buy a Monkey. This new CT125 is my dream bike though.

    1. Branden, you and I are of the same mind. This is the perfect bike for 95% of the riding I do. I think Honda will keep it close to $4k, but it might be a little more.

      1. Will the CT125 Hunter Cub have a high and low range transmission like the old CT/90/110 did?

  2. Actually what Honda needs todo is remake the SL series bikes, with the old timeless style and newer fuel injected engines, disk brakes and longer travel suspension.

    1. I completely agree!! I’m in the process of rustoring a 1971 SL125 for a customer. I got to finally ride it the other day. It’s the first mile this bike has seen in at least 25 years at least.

  3. I already put some $$$ down to hold one for me! I have a 78 CT90 that I am restoring/customizing, and what a treat to have a new version to park next to my classic. I will prolly end up riding this bike more than my Harley!

  4. I’m sold! My first bike in 1972 was a lightly used CL125cc with scrambler exhaust pipe. Gas cost 25cents a gal, so in short made for a great second vehicle for work. I’m 72″ and at the time 190lb riding at top speed 60-65 mph all day. I recall taking a trip from KS to CO where I made a pit stop, and fueled in middle of nowhere. Twenty miles later down the road realized had gotten bad fuel mixed with water. Needless to say my speed suddenly became 30-35mph to CO, and spending a night at a hotel when it got dark. I spent time on YouTube impressed what I was able to see. I saw a young man reaching 106mph on the Hunter CT125.
    I saw a rider crossing rivers and in water depth up to the seat, and over the exhaust. Upon-stalling out pushed it on land, did three things and off he road like nothing happened. I realize no water got into the fuel tank, but he managed to drain the excess water. Not impressed with Honda for pushing only RED color to the U.S. Not impressed that customizing will cost, when the basic packet should include light protection, rear seat, etc. Not Nickle and Dime us! Do the math up front, and see if the add-on cost is now worth it. No surprises later! I bought the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport MC two years ago, and later realized my mistake; Not adventure ready without spending additional 3K’s. Bottom line CT125 is a little high, but comes with lots of fun. Again shop around as lightly used bikes can be had for the same price with all the dressings at the end. I will own a brown colored one when Honda allows it! I will also customize it for roads less traveled, because I can and need another Boy-Toy.

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