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12 days of Harley Christmas: 3 Boom! audio options

Harley Speakers

If you want your Silent Night to go boom, Harley-Davidson now has a range of Boom! Box accessories.
We’ve picked three items from the 102nd Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories catalogue as part of our 12 days of Christmas series.
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I’ve never been a fan of audio systems on motorcycles … until I rode a 2014 model Touring bike with the new split fairing and a Boom! Box audio system.
The former reduces buffeting substantially so you can hear the sound system, while the latter had crystal clear audio quality and 1% distortion.
At 180km/h in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I could hear ever nuance of sound as Earth Wind and Fire boomed through the audio system.
For the third-last day in our special I’ve chosen these three Boom! Box accessories.
1 Boom! audio cruiser speaker and amp kit ($504) which updates any currently fitted Harley audio system to the clearest of quality so you’ll hear all the hinge bells when Santa comes to town.

Harley Speakers
2 Boom! audio high performance fairing speakers ($252) which improve the sound quality of the fitted speakers in models with a fairing.

3 Boom! saddlebag speaker kit ($504) which replaces the lid of your hard panniers with a lid that incorporates speakers so you can surround yourself with sound and let your pillion in on the beats.