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Motorcycle Horn Reviews

wBW How to Install a Horn Relay

wBW Motorcycle Horn Reviews:
Blow Hard 3-Way Horn Review
Dual Horn Relay Wiring Harness Installation
Hella Trumpet Horns on a BMW Scooter
6 Horns Compared!
Hella Supertone
Fiamm Freeway Blasters
Stebel Magnum
Stebel Nautilus Max
Stebel Nautilus Compact
Stebel Part 2: Hella Disk vs. The Rest

Motorcycle Air Horns: Everplus Air Horns has some pretty wild and wacky horns; some have lights that glow when the horn blows - also check out the streamlined "Echo" horns!  |  World's loudest horn?  The Hornblaster 152 dB locomotive horn

Dual Air Horns:  Wolo "Airmite" air horns; all different shapes, sizes and tones; this site includes sound bites  |  The ProPad chrome mini air horns make 128dB  |   Rivco Products also has air horns; chrome plated air horns and horn covers  |  More motorcycle air horns at Motorcycle Accessories

Fiamm Motorcycle Horns: RideSafer has many different types of Fiamm horns, including the Fiamm AM-80, HF-90, the Fiamm HK-9 Road Thunder (134 dB), Road Blaster and more; they also have wiring, relays and installation kits  |  FIAMM horn page - Don't settle for wimp-ass OEM bike horns - the combination of a high and low tone from the Fiamm "Freeway Blasters" makes a RUDE sound! Get 'em at Manny, Moe and Jack's (Pep Boys) in the U.S.A.  |  JC Whitney claims to have the Fiamm 130 dB Freeway Blaster horns, but they appear to be a Wolo substitute instead

Hella Horns: Hella makes a variety of horns, including air horns and the big, loud, round motorcycle vibrating Twin Supertone dual horn kit at 118 dB

Wolo Horns: The Wolo "Bad Boy" sounds like a freight train and can be used to replace the existing horn as long as it is switched by a relay

Motorcycle Horns
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Loud Motorcycle Horns:  Howard's Horns specializes in air horns for cruisers; they have some nice horns for Harleys and some Japanese bikes; chrome plated, made in the USA and "tested" to be as much as 1000% louder than OEM Harley horns  |  Very nice instructions on installing horns with a relay, including relay basics by Chet Walters  |  Big giant 18-wheeler truck air horns at buyTruckStuff  |  Susquehanna Motorsports has a nice selection of Hella horns  |  Hella Twin Supertone Horn kit with two 118dB horns and relay at Auto Barn  |  Voxbell horns are standard equipment on some Ducatis, Moto Guzzis and Laverdas; you can purchase them at Columbia Car & Cycle in North America (search in the electrical parts section) and Motomecca in the U.K. (search for "horn" and they're listed by bike brand and model)  |  Stebel "Magnum" and Nautilus horns are claimed to be the loudest horns available at 136 dB and 139 dB for the Magnum TM80/2, which is listed under their car horns  |  Many different horns at Heeters including Stebel air horns and hand-pumped bugle horns  |  Grover makes an assortment of loud horns for trucks and trains  |  Griot's Garage has the Hella Supertone kit and an interesting Nautilus type horn called the "Compact Italian Air Horn" in both small and large (139 dB) sizes

Twisted Throttle
Motorcycle Horns
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Novelty Car Horns: Some weird stuff at Cruisin Classics, including a Bull Horn, Rat Fink T-shirts and models and more!

Air Horn Notes: From "L.H." - "I was reading through info on horns.  I noticed that the add for Wolo 419 Bad Boy looks exactly like the Stebel compact air horn.  Their price for the horn was high considering that I just bought a Stebel from California Sport touring for $38 and change including shipping.  Wolo seems to charge for a few decals and cosmetic alterations.  In addition the advertisement's instructions imply that you simply attach the wires from the original horn.  That is misleading since a relay is needed and comes with the Stebel."

Installing Motorcycle Horns: Installing a Motorcycle Horn Relay  |  Article on installing dual Fiamm horns on a Yamaha TDM850 by Scott de Deugd; the information here could be used for most motorcycles

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