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Motorcycle Horn Reviews

Motorcycle Horn Reviews

Let’s Get Loud for Our Hands On and Noisy Motorcycle Horn Reviews

This page includes a listing of our motorcycle horn reviews and accessory reviews.

Some of the reviews have decibel ratings for the horns and there also a couple of motorcycle horn comparison reviews.

Note that you may need a motorcycle horn wiring harness with a relay to get the most and “cleanest” power to your new horn and we have a couple of reviews of those also.

Our Favorite Motorcycle Horns

Some people love to dive in and read every review while others like to skip the detail and just find the best products for sale today. If you fall into the latter these are the lists for you. Every year we review, rate, rank and battle test motorcycle products to find the cream of the crop. Our best of the best lists showcase the top motorcycle horns, our top recommendations for motorcycle riders everywhere.

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Recent Motorcycle Horn Reviews

We’re always reviewing motorcycle horns so be sure to check out our most recent reviews here

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Denali Soundbomb Split Horn Review. A The Soundbomb horn has a variant that splits the compressor from the horn trumpets. It doesn’t necessarily make mounting any easier but it did help on the Versys 650. We found a unique location for both.

Denali Soundbomb Horn Review. A new replacement for the Stebel Nautilus Compact with a loud 120 dB high-pitched sound. Can be difficult to mount but the results are worth it.

Stebel Magnum Horn Review Redux. Mounting the Stebel Magnum horns on the 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS is relatively easy and absolutely improves the sound of the ridiculously weak stock horn.

How to Install a Horn Relay. Oldie but goodie, this basic article shows you how to install a motorcycle horn relay wiring harness.

Blow Hard 3-Way Horn Review. Is this for real? An old bicycle “ring-a-ding-ding” horn that mimics a modern air horn and has downloadable ring tones?

Dual Horn Relay Wiring Harness Installation. Here’s another more modern version on installing a motorcycle horn relay wiring harness.

Hella Trumpet Horns on a BMW Scooter. Fitting a pair of horns to the BMW scooter wasn’t easy, but here’s how to do it, including using a dual horn wiring harness.

6 Motorcycle Horns Reviewed and Compared! This detailed article compares the Hella Supertone; Fiamm Freeway Blasters; Stebel Magnum; Stebel Nautilus Max; and the Stebel Nautilus Compact motorcycle horns. Includes decibel ratings and comparisons.

Hella Supertone Horn Review. Big honkin’ (pun!) “pancake” style horns have such an obnoxious sound, they will be heard by sleeping texting cagers!

Fiamm Freeway Blaster Horn Review. One of the most popular accessory horns of all time is an all-around winner when it comes to volume.

Stebel Magnum Review. Not quite the sound of the Freeway Blaster but the Stebel Magnums have a nice tone that demands attention.

Stebel Nautilus Max Review. Huge self-contained air horn but with problems getting it to honk.

Stebel Nautilus Compact Review. A more compact version of the Nautilus, also with quirks.

Stebel Review Part 2: Hella Pancake Horn vs. The Rest. Yet another motorcycle horn comparison, this one compares stock horns to the Hella Supertones and a pair of basic Hella pancake horns.

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Motorcycle Horn Information

Motorcycle Air Horns: Everplus Air Horns has some pretty wild and wacky horns; some have lights that glow when the horn blows – also check out the streamlined “Echo” horns!  |  World’s loudest horn?  The Hornblaster 152 dB locomotive horn

Dual Air Horns: Wolo “Airmite” air horns; all different shapes, sizes and tones; this site includes sound bites  |  The ProPad chrome mini air horns make 128dB  |   Rivco Products also has air horns; chrome plated air horns and horn covers  |  More motorcycle air horns at Motorcycle Accessories

Fiamm Motorcycle Horns: RideSafer has many different types of Fiamm horns, including the Fiamm AM-80, HF-90, the Fiamm HK-9 Road Thunder (134 dB), Road Blaster and more; they also have wiring, relays and installation kits  |  FIAMM horn page – Don’t settle for wimp-ass OEM bike horns – the combination of a high and low tone from the Fiamm “Freeway Blasters” makes a RUDE sound! Get ’em at Manny, Moe and Jack’s (Pep Boys) in the U.S.A.  |  JC Whitney claims to have the Fiamm 130 dB Freeway Blaster horns, but they appear to be a Wolo substitute instead

Hella Horns: Hella makes a variety of horns, including air horns and the big, loud, round motorcycle vibrating Twin Supertone dual horn kit at 118 dB

Wolo Horns: The Wolo “Bad Boy” sounds like a freight train and can be used to replace the existing horn as long as it is switched by a relay

Loud Motorcycle Horns: Howard’s Horns specializes in air horns for cruisers; they have some nice horns for Harleys and some Japanese bikes; chrome plated, made in the USA and “tested” to be as much as 1000% louder than OEM Harley horns. Very nice instructions on installing horns with a relay, including relay basics by Chet Walters.

Susquehanna Motorsports has a nice selection of Hella horns. Hella Twin Supertone Horn kit with two 118dB horns and relay at Auto Barn. Voxbell horns are standard equipment on some Ducatis, Moto Guzzis and Laverdas; you can purchase them at Columbia Car & Cycle in North America (search in the electrical parts section) and Motomecca in the U.K. (search for “horn” and they’re listed by bike brand and model).

Stebel “Magnum” and Nautilus horns are claimed to be the loudest horns available at 136 dB and 139 dB for the Magnum TM80/2, which is listed under their car horns. Many different horns at Heeters including Stebel air horns and hand-pumped bugle horns.

Grover makes an assortment of loud horns for trucks and trains. Griot’s Garage has the Hella Supertone kit and an interesting Nautilus type horn called the “Compact Italian Air Horn” in both small and large (139 dB) sizes.

Novelty Car Horns: Some weird stuff at Cruisin Classics, including a Bull Horn, Rat Fink T-shirts and models and more!

Installing Motorcycle Horns: Installing a Motorcycle Horn Relay  |  Article on installing dual Fiamm horns on a Yamaha TDM850 by Scott de Deugd; the information here could be used for most motorcycles