Cooling Vests

Cooling Vests

Cooling Vest Reviews

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Sources for Cooling Vests:  Arctic Heat has an interesting cooling vest with special fabrics and ribs to keep the vest separated from the outer layer  |  Body Cooler neck wraps, cooling pet beds and even cooling chairs  |  Climatech Safety "personal air conditioning products"; freeze the vest, then wear it to keep cool!  Used by firefighters also  |  Cooline Vests are made in Germany and are a lightweight fleece that cools and helps to regulate core body temperature; they are registered as a medical device in Europe  |  Coolsport Cooling Vests  |  Glaciertek makes the Coolvest  |  The 50 Degree Company has cooling vests, helmet coolers and cooling seats  |  The Marsee Cooling vest was tested by Motorcycle Consumer News and they say it works great  |  The Ride Cool "phase change" vest uses phase change containers to keep cool; they also have evaporative vests and bandanas  |  Cooling vests, phase change clothing, evaporative vests, liquid cooled clothes and other clothing products are (apparently no longer) available at Koolnsafe  |  Party Animal cooling vests are recommended by wBW visitor "P.A"  |  Steele cooling vests are used in extreme environments  |  OccuNomix makes many different types of phase change cooling vests; they also have Mira-Cool bandannas, sweat bands and head gear

Phase Change Clothing:  The MiraCool Phase Change vest can be frozen and then worn; claimed to keep the rider at 65 degrees  |  See the wBW review of the Roadgear AdaptiveTec Outlast phase change vest and jacket  |  More phase chance glove reviews listed on the wBW Motorcycle Gloves page

Cooling Neck Wraps:  Koolin' Klothz Update for 2009  |  Original Koolin' Klothz Cooling Neck Wraps evaporative neck wrap review; a good and cheap way to keep cool without having to wear an entire cooling vest

Powered Cooling Vests:  Got money to burn?  How about the Veskimo cooling vest, a $349.00 device designed to be worn over clothing; it holds chilled water and a battery powered pump circulates it through the vest.  And you can drink the water, too!

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