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Z electric motorcycle just a drawing

Z electric motorcycle concept drawing
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This Z electric motorcycle is just a drawing, but it shows the potential for electric bikes to have some wild non-traditional designs.

California design student Joseph Robinson imagines an electric motorcycle in the shape of  the letter “Z”, similar to the Racer X shaped like an “X”.

Racer X electric motorcycle
Racer X electric bike


While the images look realistic, they are just artistic renderings.

If the Z Motorcycle were to go to production, we imagine fellow Californian Zero Motorcycles, the world’s most established electric motorcycle company, might have some objections to the name!Z electric motorcycle concept drawing

Josep’s design features foldaway handlebars … he doesn’t explain why and we struggle to imagine any benefits in such a feature.

“The electric wave in transportation should not be limited to just cars. Motorcycles are vehicles of pure thrill, thus they pose to be the greatest benefactors from electric performance,” says Joseph on his website.

“Instantaneous, but smooth acceleration assures it would be ideal in city traffic or on canyon rides.Z electric motorcycle concept drawing

The Z motorcycle takes into account the challenges of fitting a sizeable battery into the slim package. From the latch points, the 30kw/h battery can be removed and interchanged for a fresh one.

“The front fork houses a strut tower, which is steered from the fold-away handlebars. The “Z” graphic is also a screen, which can display exciting graphics to elevate its road-going presence.”Z electric motorcycle concept drawing

Joseph’s design exemplifies some of the things famed LA motorcycle customiser Roland Sands says about electric motorcycle design not being restricted by traditional motorcycle requirements.

Roland pointed out that batteries can be made into almost any shape and electric motors are much smaller than an internal combustion engine, allowing designers much more flexibility with their creations.

That means some unique and even kooky designs, like these.