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You Can Get $150 Off Alpinestars Tech Air Street Vest

Alpinestars Tech Air Street Vest

A Good Reason to Pull the Trigger

When it comes to the latest technology in motorcycle gear, you’re going to end up paying a premium price for high-quality gear. The Alpinestars Air Street Vest is no different. However, right now you can get this vest with state-of-the-art, race-proven airbag technology for $150 off. That works out to be about a 13 percent discount. 

This special price is available through Revzilla right now. It’s part of the company’s weekly deals campaigns, so it’s a limited time offer. 

In case, you’re not familiar with the Tech Air Street Vest, let me give you a quick rundown. It’s a tether-free airbag protection system that monitors the status of the vest using a gyroscope and other various sensors. If the vest detects an accident, then it will deploy the airbag system, protecting the rider’s back, shoulders, kidney areas, and chest. The nice thing about this vest from Alpinestars is that it doesn’t take a whole ton of time to set up. You simply install it inside a compatible riding jacket and go. 

If you’re worried about the vest being able to deploy in time, don’t. Alpinestars says its vest can react in as little as 30 to 60 milliseconds. From there, it takes only 25 milliseconds to deploy. It can also continue to be worn after it has deployed. Airbag protection systems like this one are the next big step towards improving safety for all riders. Now you can get it for $150 less. Nothing wrong with that. Check out the Alpinestars Air Street Vest at Revzilla

  1. I just wanted to help others – allegedly the street vest is looser in the area under the armpit vs. the race setup. Not sure how many people will read this (or even buy the vest – I wish I knew how many/little they sell) but I used the Tech Air Race vest for many months (for street riding) and in the end had to sell it. The vest, under the armpit, rides very high and pinched into my armpit, as well as the holes for the sleeves for the jackets are just small and also very high. It started causing me so much nerve pain it started bleeding into my every day life including even pain while sleeping. This doesn’t seem to be a common complaint but I wanted to make sure people look at this aspect closely while they would still have the opportunity to return it if needed.

  2. I see them struggling with the street vest sales.

    I don’t know why they offer both, with independently different jackets.

    The race series has all the nicest looking gear, and the street jackets all look like touring Dad jackets covered in pockets and vinyl. Crazy hot too.

    I know the street vest covers slightly more body length, but it’s near identical otherwise, has less interesting gear available (and zero in the stores I looked in).
    This combined with allowing the air race to use the street software to protect against standstill crashes.. Plus the race vests ability to use race mode, which gives you two crashes..

    This is for me, why they are likely on sale, while the race version isn’t.

    Why put two near identical products from the same company at war with one another this way?

    I saw the sale. I tried both (though nobody had the street vest in stock, so I could only try a jacket), and immediately went with the race vest.
    Long term are they going to continue to support both? With such a rich history of their race setups? Hrm.. I dunno.

    1. I would assume they have a reason for offering both. As you said, the difference is small but they’re marketed towards different audiences. I think guys who regularly track their bike or lean more towards aggressive sport riding are more inclined to buy gear with airbag tech. Not sure if it has caught on enough for cruising and touring riders to seriously consider it, plus they’re expensive. As the technology becomes more common the price will come down, then I don’t see manufacturers having trouble selling them.

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