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Yamaha’s 2022 MT-10 Gets a Power Upgrade

Yamaha's 2022 MT10, with a rider trying the machine out on the road

Yamaha has just updated the beefiest member of their MT line – and the new 2022 MT-10 is sporting a rather large upgrade. 

Based on its full-fairinged YZF-R1 sibling, the report from MCN states that the 2022 MT10 will be blessed with a motor overhaul, popping the bike up 6BHP to 164bhp – a perk that the masses will be very happy to hear, considering this beastie is now Euro5-compliant. 

Yamaha's 2022 MT10, with a rider trying the machine out on the road

We’re also getting some very nice lightweight forged aluminum pistons, offset steel conrods (to “increase the feeling of torque because of the increase in drivetrain inertia”), and direct-plated cylinders – a bid to increase efficiency, Yamaha says. 

Yamaha's 2022 MT10, with a rider trying the machine out on the road

The report also tells us that the MT10 now has increased torque potential in the mid-range of the power band (4000-8000 rpm), with the Japanese company catering to our ears in the best homage to fossil-fueled growls.

2022 Yamaha MT-10 - exhaust

A brand new airbox (with three intake ducts) and a tuning on the titanium exhaust emits “a deep sound at the lower reaches of the rev range until the intake roar takes over” and adds an extra note or two of ‘sensual roar,’ as Yamaha puts it.

2022 yamaha mt-10 - back tire view

Not only that – conforming in true fashion to the company’s musical roots (hello, Yamaha Music/Motor Company collab), Yamaha’s even included “a pair of ‘acoustic amplifier grilles’ either side of the tank to aim the induction noise right at your waiting lugholes.” – perfect for soaking up every decibel of that drool-worthy brap when riding about the country proper.

2022 Yamaha MT-10 - side left view

We’re also a bit of a sucker for the Transformer-esque new face on the MT10; daytime lights in the form of arching eyebrows keep the road clear en route, while the headlights – positioned below said eyebrows – and the pert nose (fashioned with the bit at the end of the front fairing) complete the personality of this punchy addition to Yamaha’s 2022 fleet. 

A view of the enigmatic face of Yamaha's new 2022 MT10

Pricing is yet to be released, though we think that will come out in the next few months or so. 

2022 Yamaha MT-10 - front right view

Stay tuned for more updates like this; in the meantime, be sure to check out our archives on all things Yamaha, as the company’s been up to quite a bit lately – and as always, stay safe on the twisties.