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Yamaha Patents the 3CT Three-Wheeled Scooter

Yamaha 3CT

The Three-Wheelers Keep Coming

Yamaha seems pretty intent on making leaning trikes a thing. The company recently patented a new one called the 3CT. RideApart spotted the European patent which shows several detailed images as well as some unique information about the bike.

The 3CT is more of a scooter than a motorcycle, and broke cover as a concept vehicle at 2018 EICMA. It’s part of the manufacturer’s push towards mobility solutions. I’m not particularly against three-wheeled vehicles, nor am I a motorcyclist who dispises scooters, but I don’t like this thing. I think it’s ugly.

I’d love to see one manufacturer make something that doesn’t look like some kind of handicapped mobility scooter they have at the grocery stores near me. Every time I look at the images of this thing that’s what I see. Maybe I’m the only one, though.

Anyway, RideApart says the 3CT will likely have a 292cc engine. That mill should be good for 28 hp and 21 lb-ft of torque, which honestly isn’t too shabby. I have no doubt the 3CT—if it’s made into a production vehicle, which it seems it will be—would be a killer commuter vehicle. It could even be kind of fun on a twisty road. With that said, I don’t see people lining up to buy these things.

As far as the images go, they show a vehicle very similar to the concept. However, Yamaha had to add some lights and mirrors and whatnot to make it street legal.