Yamaha and Game Over Cycles Team Up For a Wild Custom Niken

Game Over Custom Niken

It a Won Craziest Bike Award

The Niken is a seriously odd machine. It’s unique. It’s innovative, and this particular one that was customized by Game Over Cycles in partnership with Yamaha is the craziest of them all. The bike was showcased at the CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2019, in the German town of Bad Salzuflen. At the show, the bike one the Craziest Bike award. I say it was well warranted. 

Game Over Cycles boss, Stainislaw Myszkowski said that is revolutionary to some people and controversial to others. That’s why he wanted to work on a custom one. The bike went through a dramatic transformation.

“We changed the whole body. All plastic elements have been replaced by aluminum, thanks to which the vehicle’s shapes have become more sharp, even aggressive, without losing its aerodynamic properties. Bearing in mind Niken’s speed one can say, that now this motorcycle cuts the air almost like a samurai sword,” said Myszkowski.

The challenge was to make every part work with all of the moving pieces of the Niken. There’s a lot going on with the bike’s leaning mechanism, and that posed some obstacles for the bike builders. They had to make sure each custom part was designed to work with the bike’s innovative construction. Over 1,400 man-hours went into crafting the motorcycle into the final custom machine.



  1. Nathaniel DuPree
    December 25, 2019

    The Niken is no doubt impresses me. I look forward to test riding one in May 2020. I like the Aluminum make over. Can you imagine what it would feel like mounting that Baby on 98 degree day here in New Jersey.

    • December 26, 2019

      I thought the same thing before experimenting with aluminum out in bright sunlight. I found out that aluminum doesn’t conduct the heat of the sun well enough to burn you the way steel does.
      It blew my mind to discover this, but I can confirm it’s true.

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