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X Mobility 2021 EV Motorcycle Teaser

I feel like these days I’m covering more EV motorcycle news than traditional with the sheer amount of new tech and announcements coming down the pipe from companies such as X Mobility. Last week, Voxan broke the land speed record with a 254 mph top speed, and if you haven’t read into it, you can probably guess it: the motorcycle was electric. With utter domination in all motor-powered industries, we welcome as much new EV technology and companies associated with EV as we can get.

X Mobility Motors is a company aiming to expand the two-wheeled EV market with the recent announcement of their two new EV motorcycles in addition to the three mobility options being released next month after their prototyping was delayed with #pandemicproblems. The three models in question for next month’s release are the i1 (e-scooter), M1 (e-skateboard), and H01 (e-bike).

Beyond the less exciting EV mobility announcements, we have news that the big-ticket EV motorcycles (the T1 and T2) are scheduled to make an electrifying splash at some point in 2021.

X Mobility hasn’t released any information beyond these renders I have attached with the article, but we can see from the pictures that the T1 is a brat-style cafe-racer inspired bike while the T2 has a scrambler/urban-offroad look to it. Other small pieces of information we have about the bikes are the steel-rube trellis frame and two engine modules they plan on giving buyers an option of (Standard: 5KW – Pro: 11KW)

Regardless of how much of their vision they have truly developed into a reality, the motorcycle industry is thirsty for new EV options and hopefully, X Mobility can bring us some sweet new bikes for 2021.