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Wrist Rack targets motorcycle riders

A hands-free phone holder that mounts on your wrist has been targeted for a lot of active uses, including motorcycle riders.

The Wrist Rack has exceeded its crowd-funding goal of $US10,000 by almost double with 10 days to go, so it is likely to go into production at $US259 (about $A346) with shipping from June 2017.

Many riders now use their smartphones for a variety of reasons while riding, including as GPS units.

Some mount them on their bike’s handlebars, but now this option allows them to have the phone screen a little closer.

No doubt many will raise concerns about the safety aspect of the phone being on your arm and diverting attention from the road.

Others may find it is more handy to have it easily accessible.

We wouldn’t recommend accessing the phone while riding.

Wrist Rack phone holder
Wrist Rack phone holder comes in several style options

However, if the phone rings or you receive a text message and you pull over to answer/read it, the Wrist Rack would make it easily accessible without having to dig into your jacket pocket.

It can be worn on the inside or outside of your arm and the phone can quickly slide out to take a photo or a call.

It fits most phone types and wrist sizes with adjustable straps.

Inside the Wrist Rack are pouches to take credit cards, cash, a spare key or a card carrying your medical details in case of emergency.

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ice emergcency USB flying
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Most phone manufacturers say a phone should be at least 5mm from your skin. Wrist Rack keeps the phone 6mm away and is working on improved insulation.

It is hand made in North America with cow leather and comes in various colours and the phone attachment is replaceable in case you change your phone.

  1. There are better options available. This shows the phone is so close to the wrist it will impede the wearing of leather jackets etc. I have a RAM mount and slipgrip mount for my phone and find this excellent when I need to use my phones GPS.

  2. Naw, if I wanted to take phone calls while I was riding I wouldn’t stow mine in my saddlebags. The idea of riding is to get away from it all which includes phones.

  3. I just leave mine switched off while I’m riding (and driving for that matter). What’s so important that one’s telephone has to be constantly accessible while riding? When I started riding a lot of people didn’t even have telephones in their homes and had to walk to the public ‘phone box. As for GPS, a telephone is useless away from the cities (where the interesting and fun riding is) due to lack of mobile coverage for maps. Much better with a dedicated motorcycle unit such as Garmin Zumo. I don’t even like hard things in my pockets in case of a get-off, let alone wearing a potential wrist-breaker such as this. Dumb idea on a bike.

    1. Graeme. You don’t need mobile coverage if you are using Google Maps. Just download a map that covers the area you need when using wifi or data and all you need then is to have your location (GPS) turned on. No data is needed while you are travelling within that map. To cover a larger area just download overlapping maps. I use this method every trip with my phone either in a holder on the handlebars or in my pocket. It connects by bluetooth to my helmet.

  4. unless you are a heart surgeon or whatever what is so bloody important
    that you cannot wait until you stop the bike. Unless of course you are one of
    those obnoxious arseholes who thinks its ok to cut someone off mid sentence
    to answer the f#####g thing

  5. I totally love this idea. I hate not being able to just glance down while I’m at a stop light and just see if I have any updates or what time it is, or whatever. Especially if I’m on a long ride. And I’ve had a $5 wrist pocket for my phone and credit cards for a while, but this would be much better.

  6. I love this concept alot, the leather work is beautiful and would be great for EDC, anyone can use it even if you dont bike, its really sad to read alot of the hateful comments about such a well thought out and beautifully made item, definitly making one.

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