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Worldwide Ride to Work Day

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The 29th worldwide, annual Ride To Work Day on Monday (15 June 2020) will be a great demonstration to the world of what post-lockdown commuting could look like.

Unfortunately, in Australia, it’s winter and we don’t join in the worldwide event, so we lose that global impact.

Instead, we will have our fourth Ride to Work Week in September 2020.

Spread out over a week instead of a single day, it doesn’t have the media impact of the worldwide single-day event.

Our event is organised by motorcycle companies and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

They target riders (and inactive riders), rather showing the rest of the population that riding is a great alternative to being stuck in traffic.

There is no media event and virtually no broad-based advertising.lane filter filtering splitting traffic commute commuting congestion Brisbane worldwide

Worldwide event

In contrast, the worldwide Ride to Work Day targets non-riders and seeks employer recognition and support for this form of transportation.

The focus is on increasing public and government awareness of the societally positive benefits of utility riding.

Adding motorcycles and scooters helps traffic flow better, according to Ride to Work, a non-profit advocacy organisation.

Studies have also shown that across the same distances, riders reach their destinations up to 20% faster than those using automobiles. Most motorcycles and scooters also consume less resources per kilometre than automobiles.

The worldwide Ride to Work website includes:

  • Useful tools and in-depth information about issues and programs;
  • An interactive forum to discuss Riding to Work;
  • An assortment of Ride to Work supporting merchandise;
  • A wholesale program available to dealers and retailers; and
  • A photo gallery to show your Every Day Ride on the website.
  1. Not riding to work in winter? You what?!

    You don’t get much winter, I’m seeing low temperatures of 8-10C overnight in Brissie. Perfectly ridable with some cheap heated grips and the default thermal line any half decent biker gear has as standard. Stop your winging and gust get out there on your bike. You can’t beat a sunny winter ride, crisp skies are georgous, tourist traps are quiet, leaving your plenty of quieter roads to yourself.

    Just gear up, get some decent textiles with layers, pick up good base layers (Merino wool is great), invest in some heated gear: grip or gloves, vest for when temps drop near zero or below. I commute year round in London, decent layers and Gerbing heated gloves are more than sufficient. Granted wet weather is a bit miserable, but not bad enough to prefer using the London tube. And admitedly I won’t ride in icy and snow, but in urban cities you get very little, and it rarely hangs around or is left uncleared f.or long

    There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad choices of gear!

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