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World’s most expensive electric motorcycles

Detonator expensive electric
Detonator is the most expensive electric motorcycle in the world

The prices of electric motorcycles will eventually come down like the prices of flat-screen TVs did, but right now they are very expensive.

We’ve charted the top 10 world’s most expensive motorcycles and were surprised to find they even include two pedal-assisted bikes, the $US80,000 (about $A114,500) Black Trail electric mountain bike and the eROCKIT at $US40,000 ($A57,250)!

However, they also include the world’s fastest motorcycle, the 150kW (200hp) Lightning LS-218 in 10th position at $US38,888.

Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle specs strikes diverse expensive
Harley-Davidson Livewire

We were originally surprised that the Harley-Davidson LiveWire would retail for $US29,799 ($A41,699) when it arrives in North America and Europe in September.

It will not come to Australia and New Zealand until 2020. No price has yet been released, but it could be as expensive as the top-of-the-range Harley Tourer.

However, it pails in comparison to these electrics.

Top 10 most expensive electric motorcycles:

  1. Detonator $US150,000 ($A215,000)
    Detonator expensive electric motorcycle
  2. Peraves MonoTracer MTE-150 $US100,000 ($A143,000)
    Peraves MonoTracer Electric MTE-150  expensive
    Peraves MonoTracer
  3. Lito Sora $US82,250 ($A118,000)
    Lito Sora electric motorcycle expensive
    Lito Sora
  4. Black Trail BT $80,000 ($A114,500)
    Black Trail BT electric motorcycle expensive
    Black Trail BT
  5. ZecOO $70000 ($A100,200) 
    Zec00 electric motorcycle expensive
  6. Ophiro $70,000 ($A100,200)
    Ophiro Electric Motorcycle expensive
  7. Mission One $69,000 ($A99,000)
    Mission One Electric Motorcycle expensive
    Mission One
  8. Curtiss Zeus Bobber and Cafe $US60,000 ($86,000) 
  9. eROCKIT $US40,000 ($A57,250)
    eROCKIT electric assisted bicycle expensive
  10. Lightning LS-218  $US38,888 ($55,660)
    Lightning electric motorcycle fast electric LiveWire electric bike race expensive
    Lightning record-holding electric race bike

Prices coming down

Those are quite expensive, but prices are coming down.

For example, Lightning has now released the more affordable street bike, the Strike, at $US12,998 (about $A18,000).

Electric Lightning Strike strikes out expensive
Lightning Strike

It’s not a “pov-pack” bike, either as it comes with plenty of aluminium and carbon, has 140kW of power, 196Nm of torque and maximum range of 450km.

The top-selling electric motorcycle company in the world is Zero Motorcycles who pulled the plug on exporting to Australia and New Zealand in 2017 with no hint of a return just yet.

In 2017 their fleet ( Zero S, SR, DS, DSR, FX and FXS) ranged in price from $18,000 to $25,000 on the road. That’s quite reasonable.

Now they have released their top-of-the-range SR/F at $US18,990 with 82kW of power, 190Nm of torque, a top speed of 200km/h and range of about 130km on the highway and up to 260km in the city.

Zero SR/F expensive
Zero SR/F

Good on you if you want to be an early adopter of electric motorcycles at these prices.

But while we love the acceleration exhilaration of electric motorcycles, we think we’ll wait until the price and charging times come down, range goes up and infrastructure is in place.