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Will Harley’s New Streetfighter be Named Bareknuckle?

2020 Harley-Davidson Streetfighter

Sounds Like a Good Name for a Streetfighter

We all know Harley is working on new motorcycles. Now we’re getting a little tidbit of information that could show us the future for the company. It recently filed an application for the name “Bareknuckle” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The speculation from Asphalt & Rubber and some other websites out there is that this name will be used on the company’s upcoming streetfighter motorcycle. As far as names go for a streetfighter motorcycle, Bareknuckle is a Harley appropriate name. It works for the old-school Harley crowd, and I think it could work for the future of HD, depending on what that actually turns out to be.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Harley will not use the Bareknuckle name for the streetfighter motorcycle that should debut in 2020. The company could use it for practically anything related to motorcycles. So it could be a new line of parts or something. The exact wording is “motorcycles and structural parts therefor.” I’m hoping that means a streetfighter motorcycle, but it might not.

Speaking of a Harley streetfighter, the company might be a little late to the game. That bike will be big news if it does come out in 2020, but it would have been even bigger and more impactful for Harley if it had appeared a year or two ago. To me, Harley feels just a step behind the market. It feels reactionary instead of innovative and forward thinking like it should be. Hopefully, the upcoming bikes will kick off a new age for Harley, one where it can recapture some of the interest from buyers it has lost over the last couple of decades.



  1. the livewire will not bring about a Harley renaissance, it’s ridiculously expensive .

    this street fighter will not either,
    it’s bound to be far heavier, lower powered and more expensive than anything in it’s class

    Harley need a brand saving monster in its line up
    trouble is Ducati already have it
    and have done so for 25 years

    I find it interesting then, that hd are proclaiming to be turning a new leaf by basically giving us everything apart from the things younger customers want .

    as Josh Baskin famously remarked,
    ‘i don’t get it’

    and neither it seems do Harley .

    1. They’re behind all the competition at this point. They need to put out this bike, but they need to put out several other new and interesting bikes, too. Start doing things nobody else is doing.

  2. Not a fan of the name. I dig the motorcycle, though. I just wish they had introduced this 10-15 years ago, or just kept Buell alive and made this.

    I’m not a Harley fanboy, but I do hate to see any manufacturer fail at this point. I understand what they represent and would love to see them diversify and survive the changing landscape. I’m holding my breath to see what the price point is on this one, although I’m pretty sure it’s going to be out of my budget.

    1. You and me both, Mike. It will likely be a little too salty for my budget. And yeah, if Harley had been putting this stuff out 10 or 15 years ago, they’d never be in the position they are now.

  3. Another “Company Saver” that will uphold the HD tradition of being over priced, over rated and under powered. When was the last time HD went to the races and was competitive against every one else?

  4. I actually love the name, barenuckle! I think it’s fitting for this style bike, as most who ride it. Will be young and inexperienced, and will end up barenuckled. Lol, couldn’t resist! But I to , feel the price point will far exceed my wallet. I mean it seems to me that in order to buy a new Harley. It’s higher than shopping for a new car!!!

  5. The era ended along time ago for harley. I’m just gunna stick to knuckels, pans, shovels, and evos!!!

  6. Think Wisconsin Dells. Bareknuckle is a cattle call to all the geezer grandkids who just got off the ducks at the dells. Bunch of misguided corporate cheeze heads. Whats next Bare bottom?

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