Vata7 Unveils Crowdfunding Campaign for X1 LED Smart Helmet

A view of the Vata7's X1 LED Smart Helmet, currently in crowdfunding for America

Introducing the 1.9lb ‘Brain Bucket of the Future’

World, meet Vata7’s new brainchild – a smart helmet bristling with technology and a taste of the future. 

Our press release states that the X1 ‘Speed and Light’ LED Smart helmet – the only one in the world to feature ‘100% carbon fiber with aeronautical technology’ – boasts ECE 22.06 / DOT / SNELL / JIS / FIM MotoGP homogations, comes ready with SENA Bluetooth communications, and is the lightest helmet in the world. 

Vata7’s official website

While a 1.9lb lid sporting such top-notch qualifications is magical enough (it beats the crowd fave MK1 smart helmet from Forcite by 1.5lb), the neatest feature of this bucket has to be the integrated lights on the lid. They’re not just there for show, they actually work and sync up to your bike within 30 seconds of mounting. 

Vata7’s official website

It’s exactly the type of helmet technology many of us have been waiting for, since wearing a helmet with lights stickered on is an aesthetic DIY disaster and running a wire down your jacket and into the bike’s battery is…well…itchy and hazardous at best.

A view of the Vata7's X1 LED Smart Helmet, currently in crowdfunding for America

 On top of all this, we’re told Vata7’s CEO has also “produced a mobile app that lets riders customize their own, personal LED sequence on their VATA7 gear.”

This means riders will be able to play with the lights’ modes, flash speed adjustments, and the ‘motorcycle, snowmobile, bicycle, and ESK8 modes’ that the app has ready-made for the customer (on both Apple and Google).

Vata7’s official website

A former member of the U.S. naval underwater demolition team, VATA7 Founder & CEO Brian Jon Garvey is just about as stoked for the new helmet as we are. 

“…the GEN2 LED Tech Packs are currently being built and the molds for the X1 LED Helmet are being constructed now at their factory in Lugano, Switzerland. Size medium is already finished, as you can see in our videos.”

A view of the Vata7's X1 LED Smart Helmet, currently in crowdfunding for America

“We’re crowdfunding to know how many X1 LED Helmets and in what sizes are needed for our first production run.  It’s like we’re building your custom X1 LED Helmet for you!”  

“X1 helmets and GEN2 Tech Packs will ship this summer, 2022.”

We’re curious to see what the full pricing will be; the crowdfunding price tag is currently wiping the floor at $699 USD, and with Forcite presently owning the smart helmet market with their MK1 – available for around $1000 USD – (and keeping in mind that the X1 is lighter than my cares on a long weekend), we’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for any more juicy news that comes down the pipeline. 

We’re also eying that pretty bag that Vata7’s been flaunting on their press media:

A view of the Vata7's X1 LED Smart Helmet, currently in crowdfunding for America

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to check out Vata7’s official website, where you will find more tasty tidbits of this helmet. 

Hope y’all are enjoying 2022, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*all media sourced from relevant press release and Vata7’s official website*

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