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Forcite to Begin Shipping MK1 Smart Helmet To Customers

The Smart Helmets Are Coming

At WBW, we have talked about the upcoming Forcite MK1 smart helmet for quite some time now and I’m pleased to inform our readers that the helmet is finally being shipped for early-access buyers.

Only 1000 units were planned on being manufactured for the first run, so for the lucky individuals that managed to pre-order an early-access version of the helmet you will be pleased to know that the helmets are being shipped as of October 18th. 

The helmet features built-in speakers (and microphones for chatting with friends) -so you can listen to music on the go or receive directions from your google maps etc – as well as a 1080p camera built into the chin of the helmet. 

Forcite pioneered somewhat of a heads-up-display with an LED illuminated bar in your field of view that will light up to help inform you of dangers or to assist with visual instructions when following your google maps.

As you can see in the video below; unlike GoPro, it appears as though Forcite doesn’t have millions of dollars to pour into research and development for a software auto-stabilize feature leaving the footage looking very shakey.

I can see this built-in chin camera being very useful as a ‘dashcam’ of sorts (it’s good to always have a camera rolling to report bad drivers, or set your story straight with insurance and police in the event of a collision), but I would still opt to stick a GoPro to my helmet rather than use the onboard camera if I’m trying to capture some footage to actually share with anyone or document a trip.

The bundle comes with a small Bluetooth control unit that is intended to be anchored to your handlebar, featuring 3 main buttons: A navigation button for replaying directions, a phone/voice assistant button for answering calls or accessing your phones voice command software, and finally, the camera button to begin or stop recording with the helmets built-in camera.

Did I mention that if your camera features video evidence of the 200 mph cannonball run you completed 30 mins before being pulled over by the cops, you can simply hold the camera button on the Bluetooth controller to erase all footage on the SD card? Sneaky.

If you are one of the 1000 that got their hands on a helmet be sure to let us know what you think!