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Urbet Ego Is a Funky Electric Motorcycle

Urbet Ego

Weird Looking, Questionable Origins

There are many electric motorcycle companies out there right now, and we’re only going to be seeing more of them in the future. Urbet is one of them. The company makes electric scooters and the Ego is its motorcycle.

Oddly enough, RideApart points out that the bike looks almost exactly like the Rumble electric motorcycle that appeared a couple of years ago. Though the bike looks the same, its specs are different. So, this is likely a case of a Chinese wholesale company making these electric machines and then selling them to the brands that want to slap some fancy graphics on them and get them out into the world.

Regardless of how the bike has come to be, it’s here. The Urbet Ego has a 3kW hub-mounted motor. It’s powered by a 72-volt 42aH battery. A full charge takes seven hours and the range is around 120 kilometers (75-ish miles). The bike is said to have a top speed of 55 mph. 

Those specs don’t sound amazing, but you get all this and the funky design. The bike offers a unique swingarm front suspension setup that’s wholly different than other models out there. The bike has arching lines throughout the design and is genuinely interesting to look at. I wouldn’t call it pretty, but interesting fits. 

According to comments on RideApart’s articles on the Rumble and Urbet, the specifications for the bike could be inaccurate. Rumble riders report that the battery is actually a 60-volt one not 72-volts and the top speed is exaggerated. The price for Urbet’s Ego is $3,738.67 USD. 

If I were going to spend a few grand on an electric motorcycle with limited range and speed capabilities, I think I’d skip this and go to CSC’s City Slicker. That bike has numerous positive reviews and has similar specs for less money.