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UN calls for safer motorcycle brakes

ABS brakes autonomous

The United Nations #STOPTHECRASH campaign joins a growing call for ABS on motorcycles as well as autonomous emergency braking that activates at slow speeds if an obstacle is sensed in front of the bike.

The latest World Health Organisation Global Status Report on Road Safety, called #STOPTHECRASH is campaigning for the widest availability of life-saving technologies such as electronic stability control in cars and autonomous emergency braking and ABS for motorcycles.

In its new report the World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that global road deaths have plateaued at 1.25 million per year and that more action is urgently needed to meet the UN’s new target to halve this figure by 2020.

David Ward, Secretary General of Global NCAP says these safety technologies “can prevent crashes altogether rather than just protecting people when one occurs”.BMW HP4 ABS brakes

“That is why we want all new cars to be equipped with Electronic Stability Control and are strongly promoting automatic braking and anti-lock brakes in motorcycles. These life-saving technologies will help reduce the toll of more than 3000 people killed every day in crashes on the world’s roads.”

German automobile club (ADAC) spokesman Thomas Burkhardt says ESC for cars and ABS for motorcycles “will save millions of lives worldwide”.

This follows a recent joint VicRoads and Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development report that found the use of ABS could reduce motorcycle fatalities and severe injury crashes by more than a third.


ABS is mandatory on most vehicles around the world and ESC is now mandatory in all new cars in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Turkey and the USA and will soon also be in Argentina.

However, India is so far the only country to mandate ABS on motorcycles. From April 2017, it will be compulsory on all new bikes in India over 125cc.

ABS brakes
India makes ABS mandatory

Next stop seems to be autonomous emergency braking with the UN report citing its advantages for “vulnerable road users” such as riders.

Of course, the makers of many of these electronic safety devices, Bosch, Continental and Denso, are supporters of the UN program.

Bosch board member Dirk Hoheisel says they “laid the foundation stone for road traffic with fewer and fewer accidents when we developed ABS and ESC”.

“Today, our portfolio goes much further: our comprehensive predictive pedestrian protection system keeps not only drivers and passengers from harm, but also vulnerable road users.”

  1. ABS is one thing and automatic braking for cars is another but autobraking for bikes will kill people! These idiotic nannies need to understand that what works on four wheels does not necessarily work on two. Just imagine you go to change direction and suddenly the brakes come on over you go straight under a bus! Morons!!!

  2. Automatic brakes on motorcycles!!!! What happens if you are stopped at a red light behind a car and you can see another vehicle in your mirror that is coming too fast to stop in time? You try to get out of the way but the automatic brakes stop you from moving. You become the meat in the sandwich, that’s what happens.

  3. ABS saved me from a more serious injury 4 months ago.
    Last fortnight I emailed a major Jap Bike Distributor about a new blue colour offering and the missing option of ABS on a 750cc naked bike.
    ABS has been on offer from the factory since release 4 years ago.

    Still no reply. I suggested to them that $500 extra is not a deal breaker anymore. Seems like it is to them.
    Perhaps they can leave off the rear brake and one mirror to balance the price increase as $$$ speaks most to these people

  4. Please tell the UN to pull there nose out of our affairs. They have not stopped a WAR or any thing the UN is just jobs for the boys (the elite).
    They are only body counters.
    let those who ride decide.
    We are losing too much of our rights these days and most of them WITHOUT A FIGHT from the ordinary people we just lay there and take it!(lazy bastards)
    I do not like the UN it does not serve a purpose any more, the amount of money spent on the UN a year would fix all the roads in Australia and more.
    My thoughts


  5. I’d have thought the UN would be better occupied trying to sort out the dreadful humanitarian crises that are unfolding in Syria and Iraq, upon which they have been curiously silent. And anyway, since when did they ever have a remit to interfere in the day to day life of the average motorcycle rider? I certainly didn’t elect these people to do anything on my behalf, so who are they?

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