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Triumph Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance

Triumph:  See the complete listing of all wBW Technical and Maintenance Articles  |  Visit the wBW Triumph Thunderbird Sport Page for more information and maintenance articles

wBW Triumph and Thunderbird Sport Repair and Maintenance Articles

Removing the plastic gas tank on a Triumph Tiger

Triumph Tiger Chain Adjustment

Raising the fork tubes changes the geometry of the motorcycle’s front end and can quicken the steering.

Changing the Chain and Sprockets is a necessary maintenance task and there are many tips and tricks to consider.

Fork Oil Change article shows you how to perform this maintenance task.

Front Tire Installation is not that difficult, but here are a couple of tips here that can help make the job  easier.

Bar End Mirrors installation article points out a few modifications and some more information on where to get the parts; it’s based on Gary Gavin’s great instructions on installing Napoleon bar end mirrors.

Hyper-Strips LED Accent lights can really show off your bike!

Flexible LED accent lights can be installed as auxiliary directionals or just for fun!

Super-Bright LED brake light bulb LED cluster can replace the standard 1157 brake/tail light bulb.

Install headlight protection film to protect expensive headlights from stone damage.

Headlight modulator installation and review of the Comagination Visi-Path.

Oil change problems to avoid; oil types to use; sources for replacement oil drain plugs.

Air filter replacement can be easy or difficult, like on this Triumph!

Valve adjustment on a modern Triumph also has useful information for other makes.

Sealed Batteries – Installing a WestCo sealed battery is easy! Instructions and photos

Motofx garage door opener opens your garage door when the high beams are flashed.

British Motorcycle (Triumph, Norton and BSA) Technical Articles:  Troy Dunham’s tech pages with detailed instructions on installing a tailight/license plate integrator kit on a TT600  |  British Spares has a huge inventory of parts and accessories for Triumph, Norton, BSA and other British bikes; they ship all over the world; they also have a selection of technical articles on maintaining British bikes, including information on part numbering systems and engine and frame numbers  |  Also, check out the wBW Triumph Page

Fuel Injection: Fuel Injected Motorcycles – site with info and products for remapping fuel injection on BMW’s, Ducati’s, Moto Guzzi’s, Laverda’s, etc.