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Triumph and Bajaj Will Start New Partnership with 6 Bikes

Sounds Like Middleweight Machines

Triumph and Bajaj have a deal to work together to make more small-displacement bikes. I reported this fact already. Now new information has come up that the companies will start with six motorcycles in the UK A2 license classification. This means these motorcycles will be 395cc or more and make no more than 47 hp.

This puts them squarely in the middle of the road as far as displacement. If you were hoping for a 200cc or 250cc Triumph you will not see that yet. These bikes will be sold in Europe and Asian markets. There’s little chance of them coming to North America.

With that said, if these new smaller displacement motorcycles are a hit in markets outside of North America, I see no reason why Triumph and Bajaj wouldn’t make them come to the U.S. and Canada.

As far as details about the bikes, there isn’t much out there right now. MoreBikes is the publication that said French sources disclosed the six bikes info, but beyond that and the vague displacement information, it’s unclear where Triumph and Bajaj will take these machines. I’m all for some baby Triumphs and while it would be cool to see the company do it itself, I’m not opposed to Bajaj handling production and distribution.