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Touratech bailed out of insolvency

Touratech Travel Event madagascar insolvency

Adventure riders can breathe a sigh of relief now that famed German motorcycle accessory company Touratech has been bailed out of a voluntary insolvency.

Touratech filed for insolvency in August this year after an increased demand in sales saw them unable to fulfil many orders – attributed mostly to the late completion of their new factory and showroom.

The new owner is interior design and accessory manufacturer Happich who take over on January 1, 2018.

When the company went into involvency in August, Robin Box of Touratech Australia importer R & V Aqualine Industries told us they were independently owned.

He said the parent company’s troubles would have no affect on either the Australian operations, or to its customers and that Touratech production would continued unchanged.2017 Touratech Travel, Challenge and Expo at Bright in Victoria on April 1 and 2 insolvency

“Over the past two years we’ve seen a rapid growth in the adventure market, and that has required Touratech to ramp up their production of parts to cope with demand,” he said.

“However, we are happy to report supply has been improving, we absolutely support the restructure process, and be assured it’s business as usual for production in Germany, and for Touratech Australia.”

Under the ownership change, there will be no job losses, and the company will continue to operate in its current location at Niedereschach, Germany.

It seems the reason for the financial difficulties was a move to a new €10 million logistics centre due to increased demand for product.

The associated difficulties with logistics and production as well as the considerable production and supply losses led eventually to insolvency.

Their new logistics centre consists of three halls with an area of about 20,000 square metres.

Touratech AG history

Touratech AG began in 1990 with the development and production of performance, touring and protection accessories for motorcycles, particularly for long rides in difficult terrain and climates.pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png

Company executives test their parts on long trips in places such as Tibet, Bolivia, Mexico and South Africa.

In recent years, Touratech has partnered with companies such as BMW and Ducati to develop special parts.

They also make rider gear for long tours in tough climatic conditions and have started a travel company.

  1. Too expensive in a competitive market! The gear looks good, but I have never thought it value for money, so I haven’t purchased any of it as a consequence.

  2. Bought by an interior design company? How apt !!!

    This is not good news for adventure riders, it is just good news for Touratech customers – some of whom are adventure riders and some of whom just farkle collectors. There are many adventure riders out there who have never spent their hard earned money on the name Touratech – and probably many who never will, enhanced interior design or not. There are a number of other great brands out there at much more realistic prices …

  3. I quite like the Touratech stuff and have bought a number of their products. I don’t think people understand how much it costs to design, test and tool products when criticising the price. None of their products are truly high volume so they need to amortise all the development and setup costs over a smallish number of units that they sell. Of course it is then easy for other companiesto copy their designs later and sell them much cheaper – but is it fair?

    The fact that the company ran out of capital because their order book was full and they couldn’t expand fast enough to meet all their orders says there are plenty of people who feel the price is worth it.

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