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Anti-bikie laws rally an historic event

1459937_618518488210576_1512105726_nSunday’s Freedom Ride to Parliament House in all states to protest against the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws looks like becoming the biggest motorcycle rally in Australia’s history.
It won’t be the biggest single protest in Australia’s history. That record belongs to the 1970 mortoriums against the Vietnam War with 200,000 nationally and 100,000 in Melbourne. But like those rallies, this will be held in several locations simultaneously, with Freedom Rides planned for every state in support of their Queensland colleagues.
There are even Freedom Rides from provincial centres such as Toowoomba and Bathurst to the capital cities and other rides in far-flung destinations being conducted simultaneously to protest against these laws.
To find out where and when the closest Freedom Ride to you is leaving on Sunday December 1, check out the Freedom Ride Facebook page for more details.
The ride has not been without its critics who claim a ride to an empty Parliament House on a Sunday is a waste of time.
Most critics are long on rhetoric and negativity, but short on ideas and action.
Critics also lambasted the idea of a petition, yet more than 10,000 signed it in a few weeks and it has now been tabled in Parliament and recorded in Hansard.
Of course, it didn’t change anything. The Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment Act and other spurious laws remain and people are still being mistaken for bikies and harassed by police.
campbell-newman_2However, it is the combination of actions such as the petition and rallies (and recent opinion surveys) that show Premier Campbell Newman is wrong when he says these laws are what the people want.
But don’t expect the Premier to admit he is wrong and repeal the laws.
Instead, a High Court ruling may do that for him and currently a barrister is being briefed for a challenge to the laws. The Australian Motorcycle Council has created a fighting fund to help with the expense.
In the meantime, the pressure must be kept up.
Not necessarily pressure on the Premier and his government who won’t be at Parliament House on Sunday.
Instead, pressure has to be applied to public opinion.
Riders need to remind the general public that riders are citizens with rights that are in jeopardy from these laws. They also need to show the public that these draconian laws don’t just threaten the rights and liberties of riders, but those of every citizen.
If you want to be a part of a significant event in Australia’s history, join Sunday’s ride.

  • Just in: Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard will address the ride in Hobart and will explain why the AMC is so concerned about the impact of the new laws on motorcycling in general.
  1. Why bother to do this on a Sunday when no one is at Parliament apart from a couple of security guards and a few hundred police (and drug sniffing dogs) ? Organised by Gabe Buckley an Executive Member of the Liberal Democratic Party. Go along and be manipulated by another political party with an agenda, be photographed by the Police and put on their target list. Alternatively you could do what you always do on a Sunday, go for a ride with your mates and refuse to be manipulated by Criminal Motorcycle Ganges and their fellow travellers. If these laws are faulty I am sure the Criminal Motorcycle Gangs and their High Priced Lawyers will have them overturned in the High Court in due course, they have said they have millions to fight this so why not let them (wonder where they got the money). Stay away, protect yourself from unwanted police and media attention, why stand between Newman and the Criminal Motorcycle Gangs, surely they deserve each other. They call this a Freedom ride, do you really think the Criminal Motorcycle Gangs give a toss about your freedom? Do you think the media give a toss about your freedom? Do you think the fledgling Liberal Democratic Party (or any political party for that matter) gives a toss about your freedom?

    1. The only person calling the club’s criminals is the Lib Nazi Party, and sycophantic sheeple like you. In a free, democratic society, you are not a criminal, unless a court of law and a jury of your peers says so. Not the whim of a conveyancing clerk. Fool

  2. James Greene,

    Not all riders in OMC’s participate in crimes. The government’s own figure is 0.4% of Qld OMC’s are criminal organisations. Yes there are groups with agendas playing out during this ride, as has to be expected in this political climate. We must all expect the Police to have their Attitude set to Stun, just as they did in the G8 (?) meeting on the Sunshine Coast years ago. But to stay away, to sit on our hands and not be SEEN by the Public is simply showing the lack of intestinal fortitude required to force any positive changes in our lifetime.

    The gutless will sit home and watch the news, they will mutter tsk tsk at footage of the protest and know inside themselves that they are not worthy of the efforts the rest of us are putting in for their future.

      1. How do we know that’s your real name James ? Where in the forum rules does it state you have to disclose your personal details ? I’m conscious of the issues of internet privacy , it has nothing to do with being gutless .

  3. James has a point. The last time this sort of thing happened it was Millperra and riders were getting pulled up all the
    time for the actions of a few, the bandidos and commancheros, Now are we expected to turn up to support them with
    a problem they created?if these clubs were serious they would turn up en masse in colours and get arrested.
    they would gridlock the legal system and cause the jails to overflow it would be unworkable
    If this law was aimed at a green group of tree huggers i bet they would’nt be too concerned about about being arrested
    to stand up for their rights

  4. James Greene and gutlessnickname (wtf?)
    You both are looking at this through the narrowest of prisms. VLAD is NOT about 1%ers rights it’s about ALL Queenslanders rights. Read the bloody legislation it’s only 9 pages. So what do you give a toss about James Greene, apart from yourself? You typify the apathy and do nothing attitude which allows totalitarianism to prevail.

  5. It is most certainly about the 1% clubs and their inability to keep their business behind closed doors like it has been for decades. They are Criminals deeply entrenched in the drug trade, extortion, theft assault and murder. Go on ride in support of these criminals, what a bunch of sycophants.

  6. Campbell Newman seemed pretty ambivalent about anti bikie legislation ,until the shooting of an innocent
    bystander at the shopping centre and the assault on the police station.
    Those idiots handed Newman the gun he just pulled the trigger ,then they all handed in their colours and left all their
    shit for everyone else to wear.
    I have been on the springbok demos ,vietnam moratoriam marches and numerous biker right rides i have been refused service at pubs, and pulled up continually for warrant checks by police over the last 40 years.
    all because i ride.
    i am not apathetic just cynical.
    just wait, these clowns will probably resurface in another state and do the same thing again
    The best thing about this legislation is that its about All Queenslanders because when the government uses it
    on another minority group be it political or whatever ,and they will! then there is a good chance of getting rid of it.
    At the moment our credibility with the public is about zero.Most would’nt know a harley from a suzuki or a
    ullyssian from a hells angell

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