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This Is a Killer Rally Ready Yamaha Tenere 700

Bezzi Tenere 700

Looking Good

Motorcycle designer Oberdan Bezzi and custom motorcycle shop Gessi Motociclette have teamed up to create a true rally ready version of the new Yamaha Tenere 700. This will be more than just a fancy livery on the bike, which should help make it a truly tough and adventure-ready machine.

Bezzi is well-known in the motorcycle design world. Most of his renderings and sketches never get past the page, though. He shares many of them and they’re regularly featured on a variety of websites. It will be cool to see Bezzi and Gessi Motociclette actually turn this machine into a reality. 

Bezzi outlined what he wanted for this build in a Facebook post. Here’s what he said about the design:

“The goal is to make YAMAHA TENERE ‘ 700 more suitable for professional off-road use, through changes to cycling, superstructures and ergonomics that bring the means to be suitable and competitive to participate in specialist competitions.
Starting from the engine and the standard frame, the RALLY RACER is equipped with new competition components regarding the suspensions from the increased excursion, more performing brakes, more robust wheel rims, new swingarm with modified leverages, new racing exhaust and all details necessary to make driving in the toughest off-road safe and profitable.” (Note: translation provided by Facebook)
All of that sounds good to me. The Tenere 700 already sounds like a fantastic bike, but at the moment there isn’t an option to upgrade to a more extreme version, and what Bezzi is talking about here is what a lot of hardcore off-roaders are asking for.