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This ‘Fastest Quarter-Mile Wheelie’ Is An Official Record – The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Now Holds It

A Quarter-Mile Wheelie In Under 25 Seconds

Who said you need high power-figures to pop a bad-ass wheelie? Apparently, you don’t, because a stunt rider named Hrishi Mandke just broke the world record for the fastest quarter-mile wheelie on a little Bajaj Pulsar NS 200. The kicker? It was stock. Of course, it was stock.

bajaj-pulsar-ns200-wheelie record

The record took place on a reserved section of the Baramati Airstrip, where Hrishi Mandke artfully engaged his flick-of-the-wrist and began doing his practice runs to work up to breaking the record. Hrishi managed to wheelie his way over a total distance of 402.3 meters, and even more surprisingly, this distance was covered in just 23.68 seconds. The Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI) and India Book of Records were both presents on the scene to verify the record.

For riders thinking they need a 1200cc Ducati Monster to get their front wheel in the air, it’s time to reconsider their preconceived notions, because this entire record took place on a bone-stock Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 that produces a face-melting 24.5 horsepower. The only modification to the motorcycle was the removal of the rear-view mirrors and license plate holder.

  1. Many illegal street racers have done that with high speed and more than a quarter miles, but nobody is recognizing that action…

    1. 402.3 is 1319.88 feet, not a quarter of a mile.
      Once riders out there find out 38 mph is THE record, expect it to be smashed in RECORD time.

  2. A new world 1/4 mile wheelie record has been set by R1 Lee who did 163.119 mph. Also a new 1/2 mile top speed record set by Steve Bland at 235.079mph on his Suzuki Hayabusa VP Fuel. Taking place at Straightliners Speed Sprint (SSS) is on today Saturday (11 May 2019) and Sunday.

    I estimate this young mans speed to be 38 mph… ho hum

    1. I agree to be honest i have done it too at the age of 18 on my 65CC Moped Hero Puch but with an after market exhaust with stock chain sprockets.

  3. Living in Las Cruces New Mexico is Bob Duffy.
    Driving Backwards

    Bob Duffey is a legendary American motorcycle stunt rider who has the distinction of doing something that no one has ever attempted to re-create. On May 28, 1980, Duffey performed a stunt where he drove his motorcycle at 60 miles per hour, while he was seated backwards, and performed a successful wheelie. On May 10, 1981, Duffey was clocked at 122 miles per hour while driving his motorcycle backwards.

    To this day, there has not been a single motorcycle stunt driver that has attempted either of Duffey’s backwards accomplishments.

  4. Who thinks they need a high-powered motorcycle to pop a wheelie? Certainly not Grom and Z125 riders.

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