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The Upcoming Triumph Rocket III was Spied Testing

Triumph Rocket III
Image from Motorcycle News

Get Yourself Ready For the Power

Triumph’s new Rocket III is coming. It’s been spotted before and Triumph gave dealers an inside look at the bike not that long ago. Triumph has also revealed a TFC version of the bike that should be pretty cool. The Triumph Rocket III was recently spotted testing again.

Motorcycle News recently shared a picture that was sent to the publication by one of its readers with sharp eyes. The bike was parked by the side of the road. I’ve included a tweet with the image below as well as showcasing it above.

The picture did reveal some interesting new tidbits of information. The bike appears not to be a TFC model. That pretty much confirms that Triumph will sell a general production model as well as a special limited-edition TFC one. The bike has standard turn signal indicators and a passenger seat. As Motorcycle News notes, these parts of the bike were different on the TFC model images.

The exhaust on this bike looks different than previous spy shots I’ve seen. The pipes extend out the end of the muffler which is an interesting look. I don’t particularly care for it. Also, the exhaust itself is all blacked-out here. Not a bad look, but I hope Triumph isn’t going to make that standard.

The engine of the bike also acts as a structural component. This is a smart weight savings measure. Also, the engine looks like a reworked one that was in the previous Rocket III. It’s said to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 hp. The rear gets a single-sided swingarm.

Overall, the bike keeps with the styling that Triumph established with the first Rocket III. However, it looks a little more refined. Obviously, triumph isn’t finished with the model, but I can’t wait for then they are and it makes its debut.