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Spy Shots Reveal Triumph’s 2020 Rocket III

2020 Triumph Rocket III Spy Shots
Image from

Big Cruiser, Big News

We recently reported that Triumph likely has a new 2020 Rocket III cruiser in the works. Well, now you can see it in all its glory thanks to spy shots showcased at The shots show the new bike in all its hulking glory.

The current Rocket III has been out in the U.S. since 2004, so it’s due for a redesign. The monster, three-pot-powered cruiser is loved by many and hated by some. It’s a torque monster, though, and the new one should be more of the same, only better.

The new model appears to stay close to the original Rocket III’s form. The bike has a similar engine configuration and similar overall shape.

What the Images Show

The new bike should get a big 2,500cc three-cylinder engine. It looks bigger on the new bike. The new exhaust system is shorter with both exits on one side as opposed to one on either side like the old bike.

2020 Triumph Rocket III spy photos
Image from

The bike now gets a large monoshock, and notes new rear suspension means it has a new frame. It also has beefier front suspension with inverted forks. The bike will remain shaft driven, and the shaft drive fits inside a single-sided swingarm. Brembo brakes are also there.

Overall, the bike looks more muscular than the previous model. This should help it compete with other muscle cruisers like the Ducati Diavel.

It’s a good looking bike, and I’m pretty pumped to see it up close and in person some day. Also, I can’t wait to find out what kind of torque that big engine puts out.

2020 Triumph Rocket III spy photos
Image from

2020 Triumph Rocket III spy photos

2020 Triumph Rocket III spy photos


  1. There appears to be a third exhaust on the left side, asymmetrical to the two on the right. Eager to see this in the metal.

    1. There is no “pipe” on the left. That is the swingarm/driveshaft. The exhaust system is a 3 into 1 header with a double muffler. There is really only 1 “pipe.”

      1. There is a quite obvious exhaust tip on the left side of the bike below the swingarm and in front of the tire. It is black with a chrome tip, just like the two on the right side. Whether it is real or mock is to be determined, but it is very obviously there in the picture of the left side of the bike.

      2. Left side, right behind the kickstand, below the driveshaft, emerging from where the cat/ collector likely is. If not an exhaust, what is it?

        1. What is the thing BELOW the swing arm/drive shaft and behind the kickstand with the silver angular tip on it then?

      3. You are right Andrew There are 3 silencers ,2 on the right and 1 on the left just like the original rocket 3

  2. There is a 3 into 1 header with 2 “mufflers” on the right side. There is no pipe on the left. That black “tube” is the “Driveshaft/Swingarm.

    1. There is a pipe on the left. look under the swing arm. you might have to enlarge the pic to see it.

    2. See question above, what is the black thing below the “black tube” … the black thing with a silver angular tip. I think people here know what a swing arm/drive shaft looks like.

  3. Yes,its a 3 cylinder engine. The Trident was a 3 cylinder engine. They also ran 2 on the right side ,with 1 on the left. Also ran great, back in the day.

  4. Triumph is absolutely killing it and making mouths water, while Harley is introducing an electric bike for $30k that doesn’t even beat out the Zero for mileage, nor does it come close in affordability. They should call Triumph and get tips on how to satisfy customers without gouging them

  5. I fear Triumph is abbreviating half of their customer base by ignoring the more mature customers. The new aggressive riding position will lose a large portion of buyers who require a more comfortable relaxed position. More reclined seating combined with running boatds and handlebars that reach farther back will keep the true cruiser market open.

    1. Hi Ken,

      I see what you’re saying, but there are plenty of cruiser options out there that fit that description. This is more unique. Maybe that’s what Triumph was going for?

  6. There is a pipe on the left. look under the swing arm. you might have to enlarge the pic to see it.

  7. Quite the mixed bag. A bit of robo-techno badass with traditional feet forward cruiser seating position. While I am not in the market for this bike, sitting on my spine is not something I am interested in on any motorcycle. And that does indeed appear top be a third exhaust outlet on the left side,which is not all that surprising,considering the Rocket’s ancestry…

  8. It has the three pipe system similar to my 2005 r3, I still like the three pipe system although this new rocket is awesome and she looks like a Diavel, I want to see more of it.

    “What a Beauty!

  9. Does anyone know if they have upgraded the transmission from a 5 speed to a 6 speed ( sort of an overdrive for Highway riding) my 2006 Rocket 3 Custom could have used a 6th speed

  10. 3rd exhaust silencer is there on the left. I want one of these bikes but I would prefer to move the rear plate holder above the wheel and re-situate the turn signal indicator brackets either side of the rear tail light somewhere on the tailguard.

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