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The Triumph 2021 Bonneville Line-up Reveal: Modern Additions To Timeless Classics

2021 Triumph Bonneville Lineup

Triumph is making a splash into 2021 with their most recent evolutions of the Bonneville lineup. Unlike previous years, Triumph has taken it upon themselves to blow some fresh air into the timeless lineup through tons of updates ranging from tech to performance; and even have a new addition to the family with the introduction of the new Street Twin Gold Line limited edition. For more information including specification, features and awesome photos, check out the full Triumph 2021 lineup where we break each model down.

Street Twin: The Bonneville Commuter

2021 Triumph Street Twin

The Street Twin should be a good place to start this overview, as it marks the entry-point into the Bonneville lineup thanks to its lower price tag starting at $9,400 USD, making it the perfect bike for riders looking to get onto a classically-styled Triumph Bonneville without breaking the bank.

The 2021 Street Twin will retain the same torque-heavy 900cc engine, although this year it comes with updates making it fully Euro-5 compliant and carefully balances emissions and power to find that perfect “sweet spot”. Thanks to the ride-by-wire throttle system, riders will have full control over the powerful twin and can manage the 60 lb-ft of torque being produced from the powerplant with ease. Another attractive feature of this bike that will help manage the lower cost of ownership is the fact that Triumph has listed this bike as having a 10,000 mile / 16,000 km service interval (the same goes for the rest of the Bonneville lineup). This is great news for a motorcycle aimed at being the ‘entry model’ into the Bonneville family.

Triumph has gone into refining detail-heavy areas of the entire Bonneville lineup, and they didn’t skimp out on any details on this entry-model; that’s for sure. The Street Twin has a long list of parts that have seen a makeover. The bike features brand new cast wheels, an updated bench seat for added comfort (it’s 10mm thicker, but the seat height of this motorcycle has dropped to 765mm), fresh bodywork and tons of new parts that have seen an update thanks to metal brushed finishing.

Although some riders may be hesitant – as more often than not – OEM’s don’t put a lot of focus into the accessory-line for some of their cheaper motorcycles; that definitely isn’t the case with the 2021 Street Twin. Triumph has your back with a massive catalog of add-ons and accessories that add up to a total of 120 Genuine Triumph Accessories. Customize your Street Twin exactly how you would like it thanks to tons of luggage, engine protectors, covers and the like.

On the technical side, all Street Twins will come standard with ABS, switchable traction control, and two riding modes to assist your riding depending on the road conditions.

The 2021 Triumph Street Twin starts at $9,400 USD.

Street Twin Gold Line (Limited Edition)

Up until this point, Triumph enthusiasts alike should be quite familiar with the Street Twin model, but this year the British manufacturer dipped the bike into the sacred waters of luxury to provide a bespoke “Gold Line” limited edition of the Street Twin.

2021 Triumph Street Twin Gold Line

If you’re dead-set on a Street Twin, but are looking for a motorcycle with an added degree of prestige, the Gold Line limited edition model is just for you. This special edition will be limited to 1000 units; but that’s for good reason…

Triumph has pulled on their heritage roots and have brought a bespoke version of the Street Twin thanks to its hand-painted nature. The fuel tank of this motorcycle has hand-painted gold lining on special Matt Sapphire Black paint and is signed by the artist himself. The extra paint features also finds its way to the rims, where you will find gold pin striping as well. This special edition will come complete with all of the updated features found on the standard Street Twin, and even includes a certificate of authenticity so you can show your friends that you truly own a 1/1000 masterpiece.

2021 Triumph Street Twin Gold Line

Bonneville T120 and T120 Black: The Staple

The Bonneville T120 has historically been the staple (or ‘bread and butter’, rather) of the Bonneville lineup for quite some time, but this year they have come guns a’blazin’ and redefined what it means to be a true T120.

2021 Triumph Bonneville T120

Although the T120 sees an array of tech and ergonomic updates much like the Street Twin, this motorcycle in particular see’s some added performance benefits thanks to the updated engine and extra components such as an upgraded Brembo braking system, 15 lbs in weight reduction, and updated fork cartridges.

The engine remains the same unmistakable 1200cc twin, although there are changes that have happened below the surface that are worth noting. Beyond the obvious Euro-5 emissions standards, Triumph hasn’t managed to pull 15 lbs of weight from the bike out of thin air; the engine of this bike has a lighter crankshaft that brings the engine mass down significantly to add a further degree to agility to the motorcycle. The newly updated engine makes 77.5 lb-ft of torque at 3500 RPM and 79 horsepower at 6,550 rpm.

The weight-saving goodness doesn’t stop at the updated engine though, the new lightweight aluminum rims play a large part in the equation as well.

The T120 comes standard into 2021 with an updated gauge cluster, LED lighting, cruise control, USB charging, a torque-assisted clutch, ABS, adjustable traction control, and everything you would expect from a $12,000 motorcycle. If that isn’t enough for you, Triumph has a line of 116 accessories specifically designed for this motorcycle so you can add your own flavor to the bike.

2021 Triumph Bonneville T120

Although you will have your choice from three total colorways, Triumph has something special in store with the new “Black” edition that comes in two seperate colors (Jet Black, or Matt Jet Black with Graphite accenting).

The 2021 Triumph Bonneville T120 starts at $12,050 USD.

Bonneville T100: An Introduction to Heritage

If the T120 is too much motorcycle for your taste, the T100 is sure to quench your thirst for staple Bonneville styling and design philosophy. The Bonneville T100 takes all of your favorite parts from the T120 (except for the engine, of course) and translates it to a motorcycle with a more manageable power plant thanks to the 900cc engine.

2021 Triumph Bonneville T100

The 900cc Twin has undergone some changes due to Euro 5 regulations, but Triumph ensures that hasn’t hampered any performance. Actually, this year brings an extra 10 horsepower than the previous bringing the total power to 65 horsepower at 7,400 rpm. A couple minor changes such as lighter balancer shafter and new cam cover (among others) sheds an extra 9 pounds off of the total weight of the motorcycle.

Much like the T120, this version also comes complete with an upgraded 2-piston Brembo braking system at the front as well as updated cartridge forks. It also includes the same torque-assisted clutch kit to make shifting easier during rides in traffic, and has updated gauge clusters with USB charging as an addition. The new T100 toes-the-line with the T120 and offers most of the same updated features, at a lower cost and smaller engine. Even the ABS, rider modes and adjustable traction control and huge official accessory catalogue will be present on the new T100, just like its bigger brother.

The 2021 Triumph T100 starts at $9,400 USD.

Bonneville Bobber: Ruthless Authority

The 2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber stays true to its nature this year. The idea behind the Bobber was to take the successful T120 and create a stripped back and stylish alternative to the “OG”. Since the Bobber is based off of the T120, all of the same changes fine their way to the Bobber version including the technical aspects as well.

2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The Bobber retains the T120 changes down to the core; retaining the same updated Bonneville 1200cc twin engine that can be found on the other 1200cc models. You can find the same Brembo front brake upgrade in the front; but what sets the Bobber apart from the T120 on the front end is the new 16” fat tire located at the front that is sprung by upgraded 47mm forks. Slightly beyond the direct front end of the bike, you will find the new 12 L fuel tank which should give the beast an increased riding range of 33% compared to the last iteration.

Due to the styling cues that this motorcycle picked up along the way, it has an incredibly low seat positing at 690mm so you can exude maximum “Bobber” swagger when touting around town. The seat is also fully adjustable and can be repositioned to change your riding position from ‘up and forwards’ to ‘down and backwards’.

The bike comes fully equipped with two rider modes, ABS, traction control, updated gauges, and all of the features you can find on the T120. Since this is a specialty bike, the accessory line isn’t quite as lush as what you would find for the other models; extending itself to a total of 77 accessories including higher handlebars, luggage options, and ergonomic tweaks.

The 2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber starts at $13,150 USD.

Bonneville Speedmaster: Touring In Comfort

The 2021 Triumph Speedmaster freys away from the Bobber ethos with its focus on rider comfort and long-distance riding. It still takes the best parts from the T120, but adds some more comfort features to make this steed a great choice for riders looking to go the distance.

2021 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Much like the Bobber, this bike maintains the same 1200cc engine as the rest of the official Bonnevill” lineup, with all the updates to back it up and modernize this machine to find it’s home in the techy age of 2021.

All of the updates in the T120 make their way to the Speedmaster, as well, but there are still some changes specific to the Speedmaster worth going over.

Since this bike is geared towards long-distance riding (and taking into account that Triumph even tried their hand at adding comfort to the Street Twin with the addition of a new and more comfortable seat), this bike gets a beefed-up twin-seat set-up that gives the rider some lumbar support to keep you comfortable on treks. If you’re often found riding with your “riding buddy”, the pillion seat also gets 11mm thicker foam to keep them more comfortable as well.

The speedmaster will have a total of 79 accessories available from the official Triumph catalogue that include a chrome luggage rack, pillion backrest, a big touring screen and all kinds of add-ons to make your long-distance rides more comfortable.

The 2021 Triumph Bonneville T120 starts at $13,150 USD.