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The Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Looks Nearly Un-Killable

Except When Fully Submerged

honda ct125 hunter cub

A Great Little Trail Bike

We already knew the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub was going to be a great little motorcycle, but we didn’t know how good of a trail bike it would be. In the video below, the rider shows the world just how tough the little motorcycle actually is. 

In the video, he makes some minor adjustments and additions to the bike and then he takes it off-road on some trails, through water and even through a shallow lake. The CT125 Hunter Cub looks like a fantastic little motorcycle, and it’s a bike that I think this a lot of riders could use and enjoy.

The rider in the video fully submerges the bike at one point and it stalls out. The bike was almost completely submerged up to the seat. After letting the water run out, he’s able to get the motorcycle going again and gets back on the trail, hitting mud puddles, giant holes, and so much more.

I’d urge you to check out the video below. The Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is now being delivered in certain parts of the world and will hit other markets later this year and into 2021. It might be worth it to pick one of these up.