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The Ebroh Bravo GLE Is a 125cc Equivalent Electric Motorcycle

bravo gle

Perfect for Beginners?

The Spanish company Ebroh has a new motorcycle called the Bravo GLE. It’s a smaller electric motorcycle and is the equivalent to a 125cc gas-powered bike. This makes the electric motorcycle great for beginners or relatively new riders. It’s a bike that’s reasonably priced and offers pretty good performance.

The motorcycle gets a Lithium 75 Ah 72 V battery and a 5,000-watt brushless electric motor. The maximum speed for this bike is 110 km/h, which works out to about 68 mph. The bike can also do up to 100 kilometers per charge which is 62 miles, and it’ll take five hours to charge fully. There are two power modes a low and high, obviously, you’ll go further in the low-power mode. There’s also a reverse mode, which makes maneuvering in parking lots easy.

According to RideApart, the bike weighs 147 kg (about 324 lbs), which makes it about as heavy as some other beginner motorcycles out there. It’s a standard motorcycle, though the company calls it a sport-touring machine, and it’s honestly not all that bad to look at. It reminds me of the CSC City Slicker, but with a full-frame and bigger wheels and tires.

While the motorcycle isn’t as affordable as the CSC City Slicker, you’re getting more bike for your money. Also, it’s still really affordable at 4,490 Euros (around $4,873). You can check out the bike here.