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Tank Girls Wheelie Women Training Session

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Do you follow Tank Girls? If not, you definitely must check out the site, headed up by Skinny, an expert rider and motorcycle buff. She’s been riding for over 12 years and really knows her stuff!

In the April 2017 Tank Girls Newsletter, Skinny shares photos and the story of a recent wheelie training session she led for fellow riders.

Super casual and fun, the day of training started with a bit of “tell” but ended with a whole lot of “show.”

Check out some of the great photos she shared from this awesome training:


It’s true that wheelies are exciting and many riders want to learn how to do them. But Skinny brings us back down to earth a bit with a bit of caution. Though they are awesome to experience, performing successful wheelies requires proper training and practice.

It’s not easy! And of course, it can be quite dangerous as well. But if you are motivated to learn and are committed to doing so under safe circumstances, you can be successful too!

If you like what you see from Skinny, don’t forget to head over to her site, Tank Girls. Take a look around, sign up for her newsletters, and get the info straight in your inbox!