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Suzuki Separating Marine and Motorcycle Divisions Come 2021

For America, That Is

Suzuki Motor America just announced that the two divisions (motorsport and marine) will be facing official separation come April of 2021. Rather than sharing dealerships and other assets, the two subsets will be fully separating and operating 100% independently moving forwards. What does this mean? Suzuki is looking to divorce the brands in hopes that they can succeed on their own without the other propping them up.

Suzuki’s official statement has some words about the separation, “This new organization is designed to give both new companies the best opportunity to optimize their success in their respective industries.

“Both the Motorcycle/ATV and Marine Divisions are enjoying solid success in their respective businesses. As we proceed in reorganizing into two separate companies, we look forward to the Suzuki brand continuing to thrive in the United States.”  it continued.

Not only are they just separating business practices, but also HQ’s as well. This is a much bigger move than we initially anticipated as the Motorsport brand will stay at their current headquarters locates in the San Francisco Bay area while the Marine division will be packing their bags and heading to – a much more fitting area for their sort of business – Tampa, Florida. This also means that Suzuki will have complete coast-to-coast ruling which can be a valued asset in the business world despite the fact that the brands will be pretty much independent going forwards.

Hopefully, this will allow the respective divisions to focus on their true goals without the other interfering, and I look forward to Suzuki (and their customers) reaping the benefits from this bold strategy.