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Suzuki Announces 3 Accessory Packs for the V-Strom 1050

suzuki V-strom 1050

Big in Size, Accessorize

Suzuki’s V-Strom 1050 will arrive in showrooms this year. When they do, you’ll have three new accessory packs to choose from. The accessory packs are focused on three different types of riding: city riding, touring, and adventuring. The packs are called Explore, Tour, and City. You should be able to tell which is which. 

In the Explore accessory pack, you’ll get a full set of aluminum luggage, engine bars for protection, LED fog lamps, an aluminum bash plate, and heated grips. I’m not seeing U.S. pricing yet, but I do see that MoreBikes reports this pack costs £2,499, which is about $3,300. 

Next up is the Tour accessory pack. The package offers full aluminum luggage. MoreBikes has this one listed at £1,299, which is about $1,700. The City accessory pack includes a spacious 55-liter top box and a center stand for £699, which is $915. 

“We know a lot of owners want to add a personal touch or tailor their V-Strom to their specific needs, and by offering three different accessory packs that is now not only easier but also more affordable, too. The packs can also be fitted at the point of sale, meaning they can be included in any finance deal and benefit from the same three-year warranty we offer across our range,” said Suzuki GB’s motorcycle marketing manager, Ian Bland.

The accessories in the packs are also available to purchase separately, but if you buy them as packages, you’ll be able to save a little bit of money. 

  1. I’m a big Suzuki V-Strom fan. Over the years I’ve bought three brand new “cheap” ‘Stroms, farkled them to the max, and collectively ridden them on roads, over tundra and through jungles, well over 300 000 kilometers. I did things on those bikes I’m embarrassed to admit, and they stood up to the test of time and abuse. Thanks Suzuki! That said, I can’t wrap my head around buying thIs “new” model. It’s rolling off the production line with features other manufacturers put on their bikes more than a decade ago and the quality of the standard components also lags behind. To offset that with incentives for accessories strikes me as desperate. Sorry Suzuki, it’s time to part company (pun intended).

  2. Seems strange that only the City gets a centre stand. Would have thought it would be the least likely of the 3 types of riding that would require one given by description it is the one that would have you able to access your house/garage. The other two where you’re on the road, chain cleaning & lubing will be done how?
    Yes, there will be the weight argument, but given it will be an accessory, it won’t count on the advertised weight. Centre stand is a convenience I’ll pick everytime, unless it’s a track bike.

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