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Spate of motorbike hit-run crashes

Concern over motorbike hit-run crashes collision injured
A recent hit-run crash in Melbourne

A spate of hit-run crashes involving drivers speeding off after crashing into motorcycles seems to have hit Victoria.

The latest two hit-run crashes were in Brunswick yesterday (19 March 2019) and St Kilda West on Monday.

A rider was also injured in a hit-run on Footscray Rd on February 28 and another rider was injured in Laverton North on March 7.

Spate of concern

This spate of hit-run incidents raises the prospect that motorists are viewing riders not as vulnerable road users, but as “temporary Australians” with a death wish.

It could be a direct result of the recent bad press about the high rate of motorcycle fatalities in the state, currently at 20.

Sadly there have been no arrests so far in any of these four hit-run incidents.

Anyone with information about any of these incidents is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at

St Kilda West hit-run

A KTM rider has suffered serious injuries in a hit-run incident in St Kilda West on Monday night.

Police have been told the rider was travelling south-east along Park Street about 6pm.

A white sedan was parked on Park St near the intersection of Mary St when the car pulled out of the parking spot and hit the motorcycle.

The rider was thrown from the motorcycle and the white sedan fled the scene, west along Park Street.

The male rider, a 20-year-old Hampton man, received serious leg injuries and was taken to hospital.

St Kilda police are investigating and are keen to speak to any witnesses or anyone in the area at the time with dash-cam footage.

Brunswick hit-run

In the Brunswick incident, a woman driving an unregistered dark green Ford Falcon station wagon callously sped away from the scene.

Concern over motorbike hit-run crashes
The driver stops and looks at the injured rider before driving off

The incident occurred at 3.30pm on yesterday (19 March 2019) at the corner of Sydney Rd and Cozens St.

The 31-year-old Mickelham man was treated at paramedics at the scene, before being taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with minor injuries.

He was later released from hospital.

No arrests have been made at this stage and the investigation is ongoing.

In CCT video, the driver turns across in front of the rider, hitting the bike, then stopping momentarily before driving off.

The female driver is described as Caucasian in appearance, wearing purple sunglasses, with a medium build and aged in her mid-20s.

Do you believe this spate of hit-run crashes is due to a lack of driver concern for motorcyclists? Leave your comments below.


  1. Nothing will happen… even the police are biased against motorcyclists. If it were bicycle riders things would be different.

  2. if that was me on the bike, I would have been slowing down a lot nore than what that rider did….expect every driver to do something silly in front of you and your risks will be lessened…Over 50 yrs non stop riding and I haven’t been hit yet, come close though

  3. Lack of Driver Concern, maybe. The Driver cohort feeling like they can get away with it, maybe…

    Point in case. As a rider within the ACT (for now) system, I have offered up helmet cam footage to the AFP of drivers talking, texting and just generally using their mobile phones whilst driving…. but the AFP have no interest. I have a GoPro that faces rearward from my top box and again provided the AFP with footage of dangerous driver behaviour… but they’re not interested. Not only have I stopped bothering with providing the AFP footage, but I have come to the realisation that the driver cohort in the ACT are aware of the AFP position, lack of resources etc and thus don’t give a dam about riders.

    So, is it a lack of driver concern, or an understanding that the local police don’t have the time, resources, or are just not interested short of a fatal accident… thus they know they can get away with it.

  4. May truck drivers should take the same attitude against car drivers, temporary Australians with a death wish, and considering how some, not all, drivers move around trucks, they indeed are temporary Australians with a death wish!
    Just remember many bikers are also truckies.
    Something majorly wrong, and stupid about negatively labeling groups in society because there are a few rotten apples in that group?
    And that counts for all and any group one may nominate, and I referring to real rotting apples, not some with a few bruises.
    But sadly as with Mr Trump, sufficient evidence is difficult to come by.
    And I be opening a can of wasp, if certain interrogation techniques were to be applied to obtain such difficult evidence.

  5. Yamaha says:
    20th March, 2019 at 9:19 am
    Nothing will happen… even the police are biased against motorcyclists. If it were bicycle riders things would be different.

    Sorry Yamaha, but they don’t give a shit about cyclists either. I have reported two drivers that hit me and drove away. One hit my motorcycle, the other my pushbike but the result was the same – no action. The Police attitude was ” the driver will just say they didn’t see you”… sounds like neg driving to me, but like too much work to them.

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