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Soriano electric has ‘boxer’ motors

Soriano EV Giaguaro V1S and V1R

Italian motorcycle company Soriano Motori is making its first electric motorcycle with twin motors arranged in a twin-opposed “boxer” fashion like BMW’s famous engines.

The motors of the EV Giaguaro (Jaguar in English) work together for full power or independently for optimum range.

Soriano Design and Product Development Director Sergio Moroni says the project is a “passionate labor of love”.

“We are already building the prototype (or better “frame no. 1”) near Milan, close to Lake Como,” he told us.

Soriano EV Giaguaro V1S and V1R
Giaguaro V1R

“Full production will go into gear right after EICMA (motorcycle show in Milan in November) and the first deliveries will be in the first quarter of 2021.

“For this model and series we will only build an exclusive limited series of 100 numbered and signed motorcycles.” 

Prices start at €25,500 for the V1R and up to €32,500 for the Gara. “Maybe more, depending on selection of accessories,” Sergio says.

Soriano EV Giaguaro V1S and V1R

Boxer electric

“What is interesting and we think it is a game changer to a degree is the fact that we have a ‘boxer’ solution with two electrical engines with shift and gear that actually helps in the way the bike handles and it responds in starting, cruising and accelerating,” Sergio says.

“The two engines work either independently and/or together (smaller for city use, larger – and/or both together – for highway cruising and/or fast acceleration) to achieve more efficiency also with the help of the gears.”

However, they are not the first to think of the boxer idea for an electric motorcycle.

In June 2019, BMW Motorrad unveiled their plans for an electric motorcycle that looks like a traditional Boxer-powered bike.

BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster electric boxer electromobility
BMW’s Vision DC Roadster electric concept

However, there is no word from the Big Bavarian on when or if it will ever be produced.

The Soriano bikes will have a minimum of 150km range at a regular cruising speed with up to 200km on city range with a top speed of more than 180km/h.

Soriano EV Giaguaro V1S and V1R
Soriano EV Giaguaro V1S and V1R

The battery will take an average of four hours to charge.

“We are definitely working on a fast charger,” Sergio says.

“This part is already developed but we are actually looking at a couple of solutions that could improve both charging times and range.” 

Other interesting design and engineering facets are girder forks, a three-speed gearbox and peripheral brake discs as used by Erik Buell.Soriano EV Giaguaro V1S and V1R

Soriano history

The Soriano brand began in 1919.

Soriano Motori was founded in Madrid in 1941 by engineer Ricardo Soriano Hermensdorff von Scholtz, Marquis of Ivanrey.

In 2020, family heir Marco A. Soriano revived the brand in New York as a boutique motorcycle brand.

However, Sergio says the “heart and soul of the company is in Italy”.

Tech specs

  • Motors: Liquid-cooled, brushless Duo-flex
  • Power: 60kW
  • Torque: 144.8Nm
  • Clutch: Manual hydraulic, three ratios
  • Batteries: 15kW/h lithium-ion
  • Wheelbase: 1550mm
  • Seat: 820mm
  • Suspension: Aluminium girder forks; progressive, triangular rear
  • Brakes: 420mm peripheral “batflay” disc, radial 6 piston clipper; 250mm peripheral “batflay” disc, radial 4 piston clipper
  • Wheels: OZ Racing 17” x 3.5”; 17” x5.5 /6”