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SONDORS CEO Reveals Exact Dates for $6,500 MetaCycle at LA Auto Show

A side view of the new (and freshly updated) MetaCycle from SONDORS

With the conclusion of the L.A. Auto Show this past Sunday, SONDORS has released the exact times that we can expect the MetaCycle to ship…along with a few other updates. 

A side view of the new (and freshly updated) MetaCycle from SONDORS

SONDORS’s MetaCycle made a huge splash when it became available to the masses; after all, a $5,000 electric machine capable of an 80 mph (130 km/h) top speed and a range of up to 80 miles (130 km)…for that price, it just can’t be had…yet, anyways. 

The rush of pre-orders came thick and fast, leaving many twiddling their thumbs in long-winded anticipation of their newfound EV machine as shipments were delayed ‘more than once’. 

A side view of the MetaCycle from SONDORS

This past weekend, company founder and CEO Storm Sondors let loose to a spectator via the above Youtube video that pilot production was to start February 17 of 2023, with “the first 2,000 units…completed by April 6,” articulates Electrek.

A side view of the MetaCycle from SONDORS

“The first units will be shipped by end of February, so that’s after Chinese New Year, so they’re gonna be here (in the US) by late March,” says Sondors.

“I tend to tell my team not to share too many details because – remember – the way we run SONDORS, we cater to early adopters first.”

“I have a real passion for product and performance….if there’s ever delays, it’s not because we have a hot moment…it’s because I woke up in the middle of the night and I decided that …”I want to change that”. 

A side view of the new (and freshly updated) MetaCycle from SONDORS, next to the initial prototype

Changes made to the MetaCycle include DOT-approved taillights, as well as a thicker, plush seat and a set of footpegs that come a wee bit further out from the body of the machine.

“The first units off the line will already be shipping out of Asia by the end of February, and shipments will continue to flow on a regular basis as the 2,000 motorcycles are produced over the nearly two-month period,” continues Electrek.

A model trying out the MetaCycle from SONDORS

On top of the delays, the initial bang-for-buck price that was $5,000 USD has now purportedly risen by a further 30%, with Sondors explaining the second round of orders priced at $6,500 USD being due to the company’s policy of “early adopters first” – a policy that caters to those who invest earliest in the company’s project.

If you were an early bird, you got the worm.

A model trying out the MetaCycle from SONDORS

Be sure to check out the MetaCycle in our first coverage of the machine, as well as other news coming down from this year’s EICMA – and as ever, stay safe on the twisties.

  1. Don’t bet on getting anywhere near that 80 mile range at 80 mph with that size battery. I sure would like to see the full specs with real numbers, like actual range at xx mph. I looked at the SONDORS web site and they are not sharing that information. Zero does show real world range at specified speeds on their web pages. SONDERS is setting customers up for disappointment if they withhold range @ speed specs.

    1. Hello Greg,

      I actually agree here – though if the founder is truly tinkering with the bike as much as he says he is, those numbers could be very much in flux right now…

      Time will tell – stay tuned, as I’m definitely keeping my eye on any updates here. We have a couple fans of the MetaCycle on our team 🙂


  2. BEWARE . I put down $100 deposit months ago. I have tried multiple time to reach customer service by phone and email. I want my deposit back. There is no response by anyone there. I think this is a SCAM.

    1. Robert,
      They were quick in responding to my emails/questions on updates. Definitely not a scam, but am expecting much much further delays in production.

      check your spam folder…

  3. wish they would throw in free gloves or helmet or merch along with the bike when it ships (of course at the very least a tee-shirt)

  4. I was about to charge my card for $6,000 until I read the February 2023 production date. I already lost $1,000 on the Elio scam (less the value of a bumper sticker and t-shirt). Sondors is just another ruse that the CEO hopes he can outrun and buy an island without extradition laws!

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