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Solar scooter runs on phone apps

Xkuty solar scooter
Xkuty solar scooter

This Spanish-made solar scooter docks in a solar charging station and switches on and off via an iPhone app that also controls navigation and a speed limiter.

It’s called the Xkuty – quaint, ain’t it? – has a fast charger under the seat that can charge the scooter in three hours for a 100km range. It also comes as a battery version that can be charged by conventional mains power. 

Xkuty solar scooter
Xkuty solar scooter

The solar scooter manufacturer, Electric Mobility Company of Spain, is seeking crowd funding to develop their  320-Wp Spark solar parking dock.Xkuty solar scooter

The Xkuty is not the first solar-powered motorcycle. One African university is leading the development of harnessing the sun for two wheels.

The Xkuty solar scooter also uses your iPhone as the instrument pod. A special app allows you to turn the scooter on and off, display charging and navigation information, and even set a top speed limit.

Not that you are likely to cop many speeding fines as the maximum speed from the 1500-watt rear hub motor is 45km/h.Xkuty solar scooter

The app also uses the phone’s gyroscope to sense major lean angles and detect whether you are about to crash. It then dials a preset emergency contact number.

EMC plans to make an integrated Bluetooth carbonfibre helmet for hands-free phone calls or listening to music through the docked iPhone.Xkuty solar scooter

The Xkuty solar scooter is made from composites and aluminium, and weighs only 46kg. It is no bigger than a bicycle.

EMC is offering a 40km-range (25-mile) Xkuty on Indiegogo for pledges of at least US$2550, the 100km (60-mile) version from $3400 and the solar-powered non-battery model from US$6700 pledges, plus shipping.

They are scheduled to deliver from May 2016.Xkuty solar scooter