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Skram motorcycle sunglasses are distinguished

Skram sunglasses

The founder of  The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to launch a new range of distinguished Skram riding sunglasses.

(UPDATE: They have now launched online here.)

DGR founder Mark Hawwa says Skram Motorcycle Eyewear is “a product that as motorcyclists we wanted to wear” and was a joint effort by him, colleague Rocco Repice and optometrist Elias Combes.

The flexible sunglasses cost $199 with earlybird investors getting some extras.

They are claimed to have 100% UV protection with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that makes them the “most protective” sunglasses on the market.

Mark claims they “searched for years testing over 50 different lenses until we found the set that we could put all of our trust into”.

Skram styleMoto Skram glasses

They come in three styles with a choice of brown tortoise shell or black frames and clear or yellow lenses that increase tint when exposed to the sunlight.

Prescription lenses will also be available for $99 extra ($79 for earlybird Kickstarter backers).

“Most importantly it had to be adaptive in different lighting conditions. Meaning no longer do you have to carry two pairs of glasses around. No longer do you need to change lenses,” Mark says.

“It is perfect for those who wear open-face and 3/4 helmets as well as those who like to ride with their full face helmet visor open.”

However, the glasses are not wrap-around, nor do they have gaskets to keep the wind out, so we’re not sure how they would go at highway speeds.

Riders should be careful of windburn in their eyes which can lead dry, itchy eyes and possibly blurred vision.

Funding goal

The Skram fundraising goal to go into production and start shipping in November is $A20,000.

Already more than $6000 has been pledged with about seven weeks to go.

They guarantee backers will get their money back if they do not meet their November delivery deadline.