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Show Off Your Lid With Trip Machine Helmet Hangers

A view of the Trip Machine helmet hanger

If you’re anything like me, you spend the occasional Saturday morning curled up on the couch, nursing a hefty dose of caffeine while nibbling at last night’s cheat meal leftovers (we know, it’s a bad habit we’re working on). 

Amidst the weekend errands, a favorite pastime is scanning the wide web for new gadgets – specifically, those pertaining to motorcycles. 

And dang it, but the OCD in me is drooling at this one. 

A right-sided view of the Trip Machine

Trip Machine is an American-based company that prides itself on the quality of its leather accessories, as well as its close relationship with all things two-wheels. 

Hidden in the hustle-and-bustle of the website’s leather saddlebags, grip wraps, shoe protectors, and headlight accoutrements are their wood and leather helmet hangers…and it probably smells as good as the rest of the dang website. 

A frontal view of the Trip Machine

The Helmet Hanger is currently up for $89 USD, though The Trip Machine is very explicit that their company offers free express delivery worldwide. 

The leather is a beautiful touch, designed to protect the helmet lining (a hook would be less forgiving).

We also like the wrench detail below the helmet pedestal – perfect for keys or a nice set of calfskin gloves, should you need to keep them out of the overly active jaws of your new Frenchie.

as view from above of the Trip Machine Helmet Hanger

All told, Trip Machine’s Helmet Hanger provides an extra bit of luxury for that one helmet that goes the extra mile.

We know the more Handy Harry’s are going to give us a healthy “Pfft, I can make that” in response to this article…so send us a peek of what you’ve got MacGyvered for the headgear

Stay tuned for updates – we’re considering a “Top Ten Helmet Hangers” list if you’re interested.