Motorcycle Mirrors, Grips, Handlebar Reviews

Motorcycle Mirrors, Grips, Handlebar Reviews

Mirrors, Grips, Handlebars, Hand Guards and Bar End Weight Reviews

Some people love to dive in and read every review while others like to skip the detail and just find the best products for sale today. If you fall into the latter these are the lists for you.

Every year we review, rate, rank and battle test motorcycle products to find the cream of the crop. Our best of the best lists showcase our top recommendations for motorcycle riders everywhere.

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Hands On Motorcycle Mirrors, Grips & Handlebars Reviews

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Motorcycle Grip Reviews

Where to Buy

Not a huge surprise that our friends at RevZilla top our list of the best places to buy motorcycle exhausts (both full system and slip ons). Great service and a full selection make RevZilla our top pick for this category. While Amazon has a decent selection of motorcycle exhausts, we found they are better for replacement parts associated with exhausts vs full system purchases (although knowing Amazon we are sure their selection will grow over time.

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More Useful Information

Motorcycle Mirror Sources: British Classics carries Halcyon round or rectangular bar end mirrors; also Davida helmets and other classic accessories for modern British bikes. Alpha Mirror now has “digital mirrors” for motorcycles; they’re battery operated and have auto-dimming and other functions and come in a variety of mirror colors. Bugeyes are rear-view mirrors that attach to a motorcycle helmet! Constructors Racing Group makes beautiful bar-end mirrors; they also make brake and clutch levers. Old Britts has Napoleon (Napoleon) and Emgo bar end mirrors in chrome or black; good people to do business with! How to Install Bar End Mirrors; article on installing a set of CRG mirrors on a Moto GuzziInstalling bar end mirrors on a motorcycle. Emgo universal bar end mirrors at Parker Yamaha. Halcyon bar end mirrors at Dave Quinn. Ken Sean bar end mirrors at Parker Yamaha. Different types of mirrors and bar end mirrors for motorcycles and scooters at Heeters. Third Eye bar end mirrors; only $10! Saeng “Quick-Scans” are now available as bar end mirrors. Sky King bar end mirrors in black anodized or chrome. Bella Corse has bar end mirrors for the Triumph Bonneville and others. Bevel Heaven has a nice variety of bar end mirrors in black, chrome, silver and gray.

Stock Replacement Round and Rectangular Motorcycle Mirrors: RideGear has a nice selection of replacement motorcycle mirrors that will fit on fairings and some will replace stock “lollipop” mirrors. Moto Leather also has a fairly large selection of stock replacement motorcycle mirrors; scroll down past the custom mirrors on their page to see the standard mirrors

Handlebars: Euro Choice Imports makes a very interesting carbon fiber handlebars for motocross and supermoto in a variety of shapes and bends; they’re claimed to be 50% lighter than aluminum bars, stronger and they reduce vibrations

Handlebar Grips: The Grip Ace has built-in buttons for turn signals and headlights. Ariete and Harri’s (made by Sandro Mentasti SRL in Italy) make custom grips, racing grips, tank protectors and other rubber and plastic products for many makes and models. Check out the “Grippy” brake and clutch lever coverings; also available at Cape Fear MotorcyclesHunter Design flat handlebars are claimed to reduce vibrations and relieve pressure on the hands; they include built-in vibration dampers. Kimpex heated grip inserts are cheap and they can be installed under any motorcycle grip

Convertible Handlebars: Convertibars are adjustable for different positions

Thunderbird Sport Mirrors: Installing Napoleon Bar End Mirrors on a Thunderbird Sport. Looking for mirrors but don’t want bar ends? Rumor has it (thanks to the TBS List!) that Ducati Monster mirrors will fit a Thunderbird Sport — Try SpareShack for a good selection of billet mirrors; look under “billet parts”. Rizoma has some cool-looking mirrors also. If you try any of these, take some photos and send ’em over and I’ll post the story!

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