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Shoei Reveals the IT-HT Smart Helmet at CES

NS West and Shoei IT-HL
Image from NS West

Innovated Helmet Tech Is Here

The IT-HT is a new helmet that Shoei showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show in conjunction with a Japanese automotive technology company called NS West. The unique head-up display (HUD) is the IT-HT’s party trick.

The HUD shows information like speed and route information. With this technology installed on the helmet, the rider doesn’t have to move his or her head and eyes from the road. A Bluetooth connection allows your smartphone to communicate with the helmet. Shoei and NS West also included a Bluetooth comm device on the helmet.

Is Shoei Leading the Way?

These types of prototype helmets have appeared before. Skully had one at last year’s CES, Jarvish has a HUD helmet, too, and there are multiple aftermarket options out there you can add to your current lid.

There’s no reason to suggest they won’t be the future of helmet technology. While plenty of other companies are currently working on this kind of tech, Shoei is one of the first major companies to back the technology in a big way.

With the showcase at this year’s CES, it only makes sense that Shoei would have a production version of the IT-HT HUD helmet soon. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make too much sense to show it off.

It’s encouraging to see major helmet manufacturers teaming up with unique technology companies like NS West, too. Hopefully, the companies will continue to work together to build superior tech-laden products. The HUD sounds awesome to me. I know it will probably come with a hefty price tag, but I’m really okay with that if it helps me stay safe on the road.



  1. Obviously price is the big missing link here.
    We all know of Shoei and we know that they put out an above average product. The comparable Jarvish (assuming they get farther than Skully did) will retail at $699, if I remember correctly.
    One has to assume that Shoei will put this in one of their middle of the line helmets, so one would think they’ll try to bring it in at $650 to steal those Jarvish sales. But since they’re Shoei, and therefore known, they could also charge more and get away with it.
    When (not if) this tech becomes accepted and commonplace, it will hit the HJC’s of the world and cost even less. It’s a good time to be (and stay) alive.

  2. Beyond price, there is the question of functionality. Too many questions left for me: where is the HUD located, how big is it, is it fixed or can it be rotated away out of line of vision, what can it display (maps/nav, weather, radar, texts, road alerts), how is it controlled (voice, phone display, helmet mounted controls), can it interface with front/rear cameras, battery life, recharging/external power options, etc…

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Yeah, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions. I would be very interested to see it in person and demo it. I do think this is the future, though. It might not be Shoei that gets it right, but this is a good move by the company.

  3. I am glad Shoei has a smart helmet, I have tried with skulls to obtain one to no avail. I own 3 shoei helmets, the neotech just saved my head after hitting 3 deer at 65+, slid for 45’ feet, had help to get up, helmet saved my head, bike started & rode 94 miles home & then went to hospital only injury was broke thumb, I know shoei fits my big bead& would rather spend my money with them. Where can I get one ? I’ll try Revzilla first.

  4. Anything that takes your eyes off the road is dangerous. In my opinion that also includes a HUD. No matter who it is built by.

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    Thanks for your work.

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