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Shark Leathers Faster two-piece road suit

Shark Leathers Faster two-piece leather road suit
Shark Leathers Faster two-piece leather road suit
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They say you only get what you pay for, but with the Shark Leathers Faster two-piece road suit, you get more because the price is outweighed by the quality.

During my riding and racing years, I have owned everything from the most recognised Dainese and Alpinestars leathers, to Joe Rocket, Frank Thomas, RST, R-jays, Mars and even Stagg leathers for those who remember them. (I still have my original Stagg leather jacket from the ’70s, which was burnt orange as was the flavour of the day).

I was also involved in importing and distributing leathers with Dave Mackay from Frank Thomas during the 1990s. (I still have my custom Frank Thomas race suit from 1995/6. I doubt I will ever fit into it again, but can’t seem to part with it.)

So I consider that I have a reasonable knowledge of what it takes to build a good set of leathers.

I recently went looking to buy some new leathers with a budget within $1000 and some race buddies suggested I try Shark.

Their comments were all favourable in relation to them holding together in a crash, being comfortable, fitting well and lastly on my list, but still important, styling.

Shark Leathers Faster two-piece leather road suit
Shark Leathers Faster two-piece leather road suit

I came across the “Faster” two-piece suit from Shark Leathers. A quick message to John the owner with my measurements, a phone call to Gina to confirm stock availability and take some payment details and the suit was on its way.

Shark have them on a special at the moment at a meagre $499 including postage. But stock is limited, so if you are after a new suit and you like what you read here, I’d get onto Shark Leathers via Facebookemail or phone (07) 55735118 pronto before they are all sold out.

The suit arrived promptly a few days later, so I took the opportunity to slip them on and go do a quick 260km road test to see if they were as good as they looked.

While no expert, I know what is a well-constructed suit which uses quality materials and is made to fit well.

The leather is thick yet supple. The stitching is as good as any high end suit, the linings are comfortable (and can be removed for washing) and even the zippers are top-end YKK Zips.

The armour is all in the right places and is supremely comfortably against your body. The shoulders, elbows and knees all have hard external armour, as well as internal armour in all the other important places such as back, forearms and shins.

The suit even has a race hump. I’ve never owned a suit with a race hump previously and as this is a road suit had some reservations as to their comfort for road riding. But I am happy to say, my worry was not needed. The hump made no difference to comfort levels and has the added safety without compromise.

Shark Leathers
Marty in his Shark Leathers Faster suit

It also carries ventilated front panels, which worked very well at keeping cool air flowing through the suit while on the move.

On the bike, the suit was amazingly comfortable. Sometimes new leathers can take a few wears and even a ride in the rain before they start feeling comfortable. These however were comfortable from the get go. No bunching up behind the knees, no rough bits scratching my skin anywhere, no armour digging into me. I was very impressed.

Either I just have the right “Adonis” physique for a Shark suit, or they truly are well made in terms of fitment. I think the latter. Even my last Alpinestars suit which was 2.5 times the price this suit was, took a few rides to wear in and be comfortable. This suit however was perfect from go to whoa! Even at the end of the 260km ride, the were no areas causing any discomfort.

There is also a one-piece Faster suit for the same price that will suit those who predominantly ride on a racetrack.

Shark Leathers Faster two-piece leather road suit
One-piece suit