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Sena Freewire frees wires for tourers

Sena Freewire frees wires for tourers

Bluetooth company Sena has introduced the Freewire which gets rid of any wires for CB, music or phone on the big Harley-Davidson tourers and Honda Goldwing with infotainment systems.

The Harley and Goldwing Freewire units are now available through Earmold at $349 including the cable.

Earmold owner Aaron Dalle-Molle says it’s a simple set-up.

“You plug it into the riders seven-pin intercom connection and then Bluetooth connect it to your Sena Bluetooth helmet kit,” he says.

“Then anything that you run through the bike’s info centre can be heard in the helmet. It will even let you talk via the on-board two-way radio.”Sena Freewire frees wires for tourers

Riders will also be able to hear turn-by-turn directions from their GPS and music on their radio stations as well as use voice command features.

FreeWire is compatible with the Sena 20S and 10S Bluetooth headsets, and will soon be compatible with all 10 Series Headsets including the 10U, 10C, and 10R with the next firmware update.

It is the first device designed specifically to meet communication and connection needs of both Harley-Davidson and Honda Goldwing users.

“FreeWire is just the start of Sena providing communication solutions for Harley and Honda riders, and the cruiser market as a whole,” the company says.

Sena Freewire frees wires for tourers

Freewire tech details

The unit allows 7 hours of talk time and can be charged while in use through the included cigarette charger for longer rides.

An additional unit can be used for a passenger to talk over the motorcycle’s internal intercom system.

The water-proof unit is equipped with 3.5mm AUX port so you can directly connect additional accessories such as a GPS device or radar detector (in jurisdictions where it is legal).

FreeWire comes with two mounting options and has a two-year warranty.

Sena Freewire frees wires for tourers
Two mounting options
  1. I already have a “20c”, can I buy this unit separately, if so how much and from what stores in Melbourne.

  2. Will the free wire pair to the older SMH10 head set
    If no which is the better for 2017 electra limited – the 10S or 20S


    1. Hi Paul, yes the Freewire will pair to the SMH10 but in regards to which is better the 20s is better if you want to Bluetooth to larger groups of riders and has more features and 10s is great for up to 4 riders and up to 1.6km to each rider.

      1. Thanks – but when you say more features on 20s compared 10s – what are these extra features – as sena does not have a comparison sheet that I can find – thanks again

        1. The 20s has music over lay so you can have music fade to the back ground when having a conversation and then come back automatically when there is no conversation. It also has an ambient noise function so you can hear clearly when wearing your helmet when stationary. The volume also lifts automatically when the microphone detects more road noise then drops when the noise is gone.

  3. According to the Sena site, the SMH10 will pair, but only to listen to music, which is more than their tech Q&A said, that it wouldn’t be supported. Since the SMH10 can pair to and bidirectionally communicate with a phone, not sure why that would be a limitation with Freewire for using the CB, voice commands, etc. Anyone have other experience, or otherwise know something more?

    1. Reach out to Sena support directly. Suppliers have trouble finding their arses most of the time.. Sena support is pretty good with things, and it should still be under warranty. I love my setup.

  4. I’ve got a freewire connected to my Sena S20 EVO.
    Unfortunately it loses connection after some time.
    Repairing solves the problem temporarily but this is not the solution.
    My supplier doesn’t know how to help me.

    1. Albert… I thought I was having trouble with my Sena 20S ECO staying connected to my Freewire as well. Turned out that the plug (I have it set up in my tourpak) was slipping out of the power port in my tourpak. I actually have it plugged into an extension so that I can also plug my phone in. Anyway, I used a zip tie to make sure it was secure.. i.e. not sliding partway out, thus losing power, and I’ve been fine ever since.

    2. In my situation all my cables where fixed with Ty Raps so it was not possible to disconnect/ slip out during riding.
      The only thing I heard in my 20S EVO was ‘Media Connected’ but after that .>> no sound.
      The Freewire was connected with a cable to my HD Ultra 7-pins connector.
      After repairing the sound was back. After a while and turning my bike of and on the sound was gone again.
      This happens several times during a ride witch is very annoying.

      1. Yup.. Those were the symptoms I had. Did you do a hard reset in the little hole in the bottom of the Freewire? Be very careful when depressing the button in there though. That’s more than a soft reset. Other than that, all I can say is get support to swap it out for you..

        1. Yes,
          I did everything. Reset… New Pairing….power off….power on…. name it, i did it.
          It works, but after switching off the bike several times the connection gets lost.
          I asked my supplier to take the Freewire back and refund it to me, but that was not his Idea of it.
          I’m struggling since august this year with it and i’m done with it.

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